Hi Kim, thank you so much for the readings that you did for me and sent me an amazing result that I didn’t even expect.

I love that you showed me the whole process and wrote down many explanations. For me it is really easy to understand and exciting to read. It felt like I was talking to you, I felt the presence that you created with your readings.

Anyway, the thing is that for many people some of the cards explanations may be a bit foggy because not many of them realize how it actually works. I am a bit of a weirdo (and proud) and tarot readings are helping me to express more myself in my life. I see the Hanged Man, this card is loving me, because it is truth. I hanged now somewhere in the middle. My soul wants an adventure, but it is too calm around. I created that hanging with my perfect life. I am not suffering anymore, so it is supposed to be Hanged Man that in many ways represents calmness before something wonderful. I am not waiting though and surrender already.

Well, your PDF that you sent me was created professionally and beautifully that is also showing me that you on the right way with your business. People need it now, people want it now, because Tarot for many is more like some magical thing. Not everyone understands that after a reading they still have free will and choice. Cards make the surrounding situation clearer and create a sense of confidence. This is great, I think.

Thank you for taking care of everything, you are the magician. Thank you for your detailed explanation of the spread, it is clear and exciting. Not many psychics do such a great explanation. I would highly recommend you to others. It is difficult to make people pay for experience, people want the things in their hands. But what are things? They all will turn to dust. But the experience that I had with you will always stay with me. Even if I die one day, I will remember it and may be if I will be lucky enough, I will bring it to the next level of my life. I believe that the soul lives forever after it flies out of the body.

I wish you many other customers, and those ones who really would love to get this amazing experience through your readings.

Margarita Smirnova

My most recent session with Kalliope was insightful and thoughtful, By explaining to me not only the traditional meanings associated with the cards, but the way colours and symbols found in them related to the spread. Kalliope was able to guide me towards a greater understanding of my own questions. She is always professional and empathetic and I recommend her tarot readings to anyone who needs some clarity, or is simply intrigued by the beauty of the cards and their story.

Cailey Monaghan

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