My Natal Chart

Something that I love about astrology is that it is a complete system of symbolism used to portray stuff. So here is my own natal chart with some basic interpretations. I’m keen to see what perhaps you may glean from my chart? This is a fun exercise on wibbly wobbles!

my natal astrology chart

So what you see there? A bit of a *bleh!* A quick summary of what’s there (for the uninitiated)…

  • Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio, 7th house.
  • Taurus moon and ascendant. Taurus ruling planet in Scorpio.
  • Malefic Mars and Midheaven Aquarius. This year my solar return has turned my astro wheel so my Aquarius is now my Ascendent.
  • Heaps of energy in terms of relationships and stuff, intellectual understanding and other people.
  • If you were so interested, I’ve got Ceres in Scorpio 15 degrees.
  • The keeper of the inner flame, Vesta, can be found through the asteroids.

Oh yeah, Fun fact: my venus is sandwiched between mine and my husband’s pluto’s. His Sun and Saturn are conjunct, and they’re right on top of my mercury. Hah.

If my astrology chart is anything to go by you’ll see I’m all out in the public, because I am empty on the inside.

27 January 2019, 3:36pm; Mercury and Venus were BOTH retrograde when I was born.

  • Mercury was Promethean-retrograde. My guiding planet.
  • Venus was Lucifer-retrograde. My leading planet.
  • Pluto and Venus are less than one degree apart.
  • Pluto is in his sign, Venus is in her house. Venus’ sign is detriment.

I joked about a lot of stuff. I really only did stuff because I felt like it at the time. “It felt right.”

I lack discipline. I have never been good at towing the line. I am careless and heartless, stomping shit and kick down whatever pisses me off and everyone else is left to clean up my mess.

My south node is 6th house in Libra (8 minutes from my Part of Fortune), my north node is 12th house in Aries.

Ceres is 15Ā° Scorpio. So in terms of resources, I’m pretty good at amassing interpersonal relationships as my resources. My Part of Spirit is also around there.

I used to have the perfect life. And the only strength and goodness I ever had was because I wanted to make my husband happy and proud of me.

I sure as shit fucked that shit up…

I know said I was going to take us on a journey through the Spirit Keepers Tarot, but I have so many fucking stories to tell and lessons to teach.

And I need to make dollars to pay for my car registration, mortgage and utilities. So. I don’t care if you support my patreon. I dont know how to divvy up my time and work in any organised way.

I have always been a chronicler, writing journals and notes and ideas and memories and shit. So that is not going to stop. But this has been the first time I’ve ever written about bringing on the apocalypse. And it’s happening?! LOL

It’s not. It’s cyclical. This is the end times for the world as we know it. But there’s no rapture. No one is coming for you. Except if you think someone is. Then you believe whatever you want.

Cassandra from Greek mythology was the cursed oracle whom no one listened to, no one believed her.

I posit to you, have you ever wondered why?

6 thoughts on “My Natal Chart

  1. Cool! šŸ™‚

    Looks like a locomotive shaped chart. My chart’s a locomotive shape powered by the Moon. Yours is powered by Venus in combo with Pluto. Basically what that means (according to what I’ve understood of it… so it could be topsy turvy) is that when Venus/Pluto gets activated your train goes choo choo-ing along, steam billowing, wheels a turning.

    You have Mars square Merc, I have that too only flipped – my Mars is in Scorpio/ Mercury in Aqua. It’s a good combo, once you figure out how to work with all the internal debating and arguing between them which can get very intense and flighty, air + fire = burning down the inner house.

    Moon/Pluto is considered to be one hell of an emotional ride. The emotions regularly visit Hades, but they have eaten the pomegranate seeds so when they return to the surface they bring fertility to the land, the kind of fertility which rises from the depths. You mentioned feeling a connection to Persephone… and there it is in your chart šŸ™‚

    Moon opp Venus is beautiful – love becomes elevated, idealistic, but also able to bring it down to the ground to make flowers appear on parched soil. Extra beautiful because Taurus is Venus ruled. And your Moon/Venus connects to Jupiter in Pisces soooooo dreamy.

    You’re not empty at all, you know that, however you do need to empty yourself out like a cornucopia, so that more can pour in and then pour out again.

    Those are my thoughts… might have some more later. Let me know what that conjures up for you šŸ™‚

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    1. That is such a beautiful interpretation! You make me feel very special right now (grinning like a buffoon). My rudimentary understanding of astrology, I just saw it as “being incredibly needy” because I all I do is care about talking about myself (moon, ascendant, Taurus, plus all the cardinal and social markers), and my northern hemisphere is just about empty. lol. Thus I feel like I’m nothing without someone to relate to. Heh. I have Chiron in Gemini 2nd house so I FEEL SECURE BLAHING THE BLAHS. lol. And Black Moon Lilith at 29deg Gemini.
      Oh yeah, my dad is a Sagittarius and my mum a Capricorn. lol

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  2. Needing to relate to others is an intrinsic part of the human experience, and is a very good thing. It can feel needy, especially when those you’re trying to relate to have closed themselves off – humans tend to try to shut themselves in to protect themselves from getting hurt. That too is part of the relating experience.

    Chiron is essentially the healing within the wound – This is where it’ll hurt but this is also where it’ll heal. In Gemini in the house of personal values… communicating your values will get you hurt but will also heal you and heal others too. Where you get hurt will give you insight into where others are hurting, and… well, on your blog recently you shared your interaction with Zena in TESTIMONYURD – that was very much your natal Chiron in Gem in the 2nd at work, beautiful healing stuff!

    There’s also North and South node mojo going on with the relating to – South node is our comfort zone, good past life karma, been there done that want to keep staying there doing that. It’s skills we already have. North node is the uncomfortable zone – never been there or done that don’t want to, don’t make me, noooooooo…. oh, actually it’s quite fun learning how to do this new thing. Ugh I keep making mistakes… oh, I survived making mistakes! Cool cool… new skills being learned which creates some good karma.

    I have the same north and south node combo as you – Libra wants to please everyone, make everyone happy, peace, love, let’s all live together in a yellow submarine. But that’s the south node and you do that well, and it’s time to learn how to north node it – Aries, boldly going it alone, initiating stuff, leaping off cliffs without looking, accidentally trampling on toes and egos with one shout of I AM Hear me RAM!

    The trick is to swing from one extreme to the other until the pendulum gets the hang of each side and slowly works its way towards a sweet spot between Libra loving everyone and wanting to relate everywhere and Aries taking a solo trip across the ocean because screw everyone – it’s sort of what you’re doing with your pupils and on this blog, sharing yourself boldly, shouting ME, and yet within that there’s a deep caring for the YOU, and you encourage others to find their ME and be proud of their ME.

    See… you have a great chart, full of amazing energy like you šŸ™‚

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    1. The thing I found most confusing about the nodes was the aries 12th house. And I was like “How far do I have to sacrifice myself?” “When will this ever end?” To the point where I thought I was going to die and that I had to die. And that was the only way to move on. Duuuude

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