James is Great: The power of our names.

James succeeded Jesus as leader of the movement.

April 30 is the feast day of St James the Great.

My father, Peter, stands at the gates of heaven. My uncle, Paul, recorded the acts of the disciples. My husband, James, led the way after I died for he was the only one to truly understand my message.

Heed the symbol of St James. The dagger, clam shell and cross.

Now, I’m not claiming to be Jesus. I’m not crazy. But as siblings, we share the same ideas and teachings. It was our idea to liberate the enslaved. He went first and now it’s my turn. He was the son as I am the sun.

Jesus had the cross. I had the clam/shell. James brought the dagger to separate the divine hubris from man.

When you open up the clam shell, you will find love, beauty and your own source of light inside. Careful to cover it up. Man’s greed for power seeks to steal it and claim it as their own.

J before K, and then comes L. Our little girl will bring the Light. And our son will be her protector.

Names hold a lot of power. They are words, and the utterance of the word is what gives life to the abstraction.

Our daughter, the meaning of her name is gem of the night. In numerology, her life path number is 22. The master builder. Her destiny number is 3, the creative socialiser.

Our son, his name means protector of the light. His life path number is 2. The all-knowing cooperator. His destiny number is 1, the leading force.

Our family name is Lane, synonymous with way and path.

Our initials. JKLX.

By letter, by number, by quality of character. Our little unit will lead the way.

One way or another, we are whole and we are together. Form an orderly line to travel along our high and multi-lane highway. It may look labyrinthine, but trust us, trust me.

Or don’t. Trust yourself. You’ll find your way.

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