A short astrological profile.

Just wrote this up, it's not generated from a report writing program or anything. Had to figure out how much I was willing/able to write considering I write my stuff from scratch... And the amount of time I have available to me to meditate and write about these things. RT: Cancer sun, scorpio moon, leo … Continue reading A short astrological profile.

Who’s f***ing with you?

https://youtu.be/_WRhbnN2ckY I don't normally listen to this music, but the song title says it all. Manipulation. That's the theme of this post - the messed up, mental menagerie motif I'm attempting to manifest in still coherent and meaningful way. I am a master of mind fuckery, and mutating metaphors into mental night whorses NEIGH MOTHER … Continue reading Who’s f***ing with you?