Who’s f***ing with you?

I don’t normally listen to this music, but the song title says it all.

Manipulation. That’s the theme of this post – the messed up, mental menagerie motif I’m attempting to manifest in still coherent and meaningful way. I am a master of mind fuckery, and mutating metaphors into mental night whorses NEIGH MOTHER FUCKKA!*

This blog post is about liars. Liars who may or may not be wearing pants on fire. Key words to guide you along my frikken (flaps hands at the computer screen) thingy… Ugh. To keep your head screwed on (hopefully) tighter than mine, consider my philosophical, rhetorical position in terms of:


Some other choice links I suggest include… This one about a bloody cold spider*, my expertise in the field of bullshit, optical illusions, and the truth of the word of god.*

I’m not paranoid

  • What about love? What about hope? What about loneliness? What if maybe I’m to blame for all I see, the mess I’m in?
    • Don’t assume stuff has anything to do with you. You are insignificant. People only think and care about themselves. Probably why they think people are talking about them – no, people are talking about themselves. Not you. Don’t sweat it.
  • What about truth? What about trust?
    • What about it? These are just abstractions for things we feel or think exist. There is no proof. Chill out. Nothing is real. Everything is a lie, including my words and your vision of your self.
  • WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! Why would I lie? And to myself of all people??!
    • Hopes and dreams don’t mean a thing if you never do anything about them. Imaginary stories and interactions are all in your head. There is no other to corroborate your version of experience.

I won’t be lied to, like others lying to themselves.

The use of figurative language, metaphors or analogies are softer more acceptable forms of lies. Knowing that something is a lie doesn’t stop it from being a lie. Painting it pretty with flourishes of syllables and poetic techniques and excuse the falsehoods because no one really wants to know the truth.

The stories that we tell ourselves, the little mantras and prayers and axioms we whisper or chant… They’re not necessarily true. They are just words. However for something to be true it must resonate with more people than just you. When these stories connect and perspectives overlay upon each other, these additional layers assist in the reconstruction of the quintessence of the spiritual/metaphorical “feeling” (sensation).

Words can be manipulated and twisted to take on new meaning to the skilled rhetorician. Punctuation, grammar, tone, words choice, mixing in just enough (but not the whole) truth to make it believable. Hold back on all your information, you never know what someone is going to take and twist and throw back at you.

But I’m totally a liar – I spread stories of hope and dreams.

The words that we choose to represent our intention and ourselves are crucial to effective communication. But our words are not the only thing which which we communicate. We communicate through ambiance, signs, body language, facial expression, tone, volume, etc etc…

Through the things that we do, the manner in which we behave, respond, hesitate, react, not react, ignore… This really becomes a massive swirl pool of thought-shits. The message getting murkier the more perspectives I throw into the pile (in my head).

Know yourself, so you know if it is someone who is trying to deceive you or if you are just deceiving yourself.

Master your mind in perceiving and reading those subconscious (or subliminal) signals. You don’t have to trust people, but the least you could do is know you are your own deceiver. The mind can be manipulated by other people, or by your own heart/senses/cognitive conceptions.

≡ΞзȜɜɯɛɱжὠ∊∍≋≡≌⫙ ≡ɜɯɛȜȢȸɱЄ ЖϢՅԐ≡ ΞзȜɜɯжɱɛὠ∊∍≋

Originally titled: Oh, the mind is the best thing to -~ɜ≋ԐMЖϢȜ≋ɛ~-

This post originally contained more links, but I realised that I have not republished some of those old blog posts, and those other people’s blogs have since been deleted..?

9 thoughts on “Who’s f***ing with you?

  1. Do you remember the allegory of the cave? The people thought they saw and heard truth but instead there merely watched shadows on the cave wall and listened to distorted echoes. All we know is our senses so is someone talking to you or do you just hear


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    1. Yes I know the allegory. I am not within the cave though, I am outside of the cave. The light can blind your eyes, or can illuminate.
      I’m trying to share the understanding that the first beacon of light one sees when they exit the cave is not necessarily one they should trust or follow. I am not the only being of light. I just have shit timing, and am not interested in power.
      Thus… My reputation precedes me and I am painted to be the lying devil hellbent on destruction. I only seek to destroy the chains that bind (chains shackled without consent, for there are those who desire domination). Free the self by freeing the mind.

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  2. I stopped trust people long time ago. Well I always felt bad about it. Then I found the solution, I trust myself, I don’t lie myself and if someone is lying this is fu..g their problem. They make their life worse. 😊😊😊🌈🌈🌈

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