A short astrological profile.

Just wrote this up, it’s not generated from a report writing program or anything. Had to figure out how much I was willing/able to write considering I write my stuff from scratch… And the amount of time I have available to me to meditate and write about these things.

RT: Cancer sun, scorpio moon, leo ascendant.

Chart shape: bowl.

You have a mission in this life where you seek to attain some sort of social reform or change, but also where you are able to achieve a certain personal glory from this. You seek to achieve something that can qbe recognized on the public platform, but that has a spiritual impact.

The fact that the location of the majority of your planets are located around your ascendant indicate that these twilight years are also related to your experiences during your youth. You are upon the threshold between the end and beginning of a new transitional period, and perhaps are acting as a guide for not only others, but also for yourself. You facilitate a sort of rite of passage between these stages of spiritual/physical development.

Cancer sun, 12th house.

Your spirit radiates from the shadows, from the place where people normally try to bury their secrets. Your need to be recognized and to express yourself is to be seen as a protector and defender of the home and the family unit. You come from out of left field, often surprising others with your piercing insight and tenacity. You have created this tough outer shell to hide the sensitive soul inside, but you do not hide and instead you are the kind to hold on to hold on fiercely until you feel you have been heard/felt on a deep resonant level.

Scorpio moon, 4th house.

You are incredibly deep, sensitive and intense, although that is not something that is immediately apparent upon meeting you. You have a subconscious predisposition to strike to the heart of a situation with your insight and biting mannerism. You are interested in getting to know the identity and core of a person to see what makes them tick. You also like to tune their thought processes into one that is more aligned with yours.

Leo ascendant.

But don’t think this makes you out to be a jerk-face manipulator. You do so with the steadfast and warmest intentions. You come across as one who has a confident and personal magnetism, who is motivated by loyalty, family love, and righteous determination. You believe in your message that you are willing to lay down your life to fight for what you believe in to the point of self-sacrifice.

Guiding planet Mars.

Your guiding planet is Mars which represents ingenuity, conquest and the iron will for success. Your endurance, productivity, drive, self-promotion and ability to get things done are your assets. Yet there is a natural tendency toward ruthlessness or insensitivity, which can at times screw up your best efforts. You’re great at working behind the scenes of many situations as you have a natural ability to manipulate various forces or public opinion. You perceive the motives of others instinctively, able to come see trends and patterns in things before they become apparent to others.

Life path 1

Your life path of 1 relates to independence; it is the crux between individuality versus selfishness. You are self-sufficient and are a leader. You prefer to follow your own course with little input from others. You tend to do things your own way and stir the pot with your trailblazing creative innovation. You must distinguish yourself from others and acknowledge your own individuation. Your lessons this life involve learning diplomacy, patience, tolerance, shared leadership, and mastery over your aggression.

Other stuff not covered here…

  • Saturn conjunct Neptune by 0°02′!
  • Midheaven in Aries.
  • Retrogrades: Mercury, Chiron, and lunar nodes.
  • Moon conjunct Unukalhai – 0°27′.
    • Thought this was super interesting because my sun is conjunct unukalhai at 0°44’… Unukalhai is the neck of the snake in the constellation Serpens. How about that, Mr Rattlesnake? Interesting food for thought.

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  1. One day i should be able to write like you… you have this quality in your skills which will enable me to develop more my character’s persona over their stories … hope you dont mind the fact that this comment was meta and not related to the substance of your entry

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