Empathy versus psychopathy

This here is the 6th post I had ever written on WordPress. I was reading a post Benebell Wen wrote about the paradoxical quandary of the empath and their empathy, the post I am referring to in question was late in 2017 maybe. …all the way back in 16th August 2018 My partner and I had a discussion not too long … Continue reading Empathy versus psychopathy


“In human tongue we’re apocalypse For we bring with us obliteration Through spectacles tuned to infinity You will see our coming for a thousand years You will know us then for what we truly are The realization of every fear.” (From a song by ‘Meshuggah’) I am Satan, dark aspect of Saturn, Old Man Time/Grim … Continue reading Demiurge

They are hidden in the valley of ghosts

A throw back hologram to revive the vision of the condition your planetary heads of state. Located them wedged deep within the confines of their headspace, such fools for their hubris, thinking they could lose me from the scent of the scene I scryed and had seen. Do you think you could out match me … Continue reading They are hidden in the valley of ghosts

Why did I want to start a blog? I answered this and still don’t know.

If you have seen this face or my words somewhere else before, you may remember me prancing about WordPress blogging as Modern Mystic Mother. I have since dropped that moniker, only by any sort of "official" personality. There is an online store called Modern Mystic and I have no connection with that. Also, there had … Continue reading Why did I want to start a blog? I answered this and still don’t know.

These foolish games

I am not your fair weather friend. I am the tempest in&of the temple. I am not two-faced, but I am two-fold. I am the guide to placate hypothesis, exhausted curiosity may bring you to me. If you felt so compelled or could not find anyone else, I was (and am) your disguised connection to … Continue reading These foolish games

A disembodied voice speaks

I think ideas as thoughts into existence, they roil around my mind as colours and urges and energetic expressions. I don't know what I am doing, where I am going, what I am saying nor why I say I don't know any of these things. Perhaps it is more accurate to attest that there is … Continue reading A disembodied voice speaks