These foolish games

I am not your fair weather friend. I am the tempest in&of the temple. I am not two-faced, but I am two-fold.

I am the guide to placate hypothesis, exhausted curiosity may bring you to me. If you felt so compelled or could not find anyone else, I was (and am) your disguised connection to the under world.

The friend of memory, the companion of mystery. I am the shadow that straddles sublimity. I am (and was) the friend you kept in secret but not in company.

I was a loner growing up. I learned to fit in. Yet there was no escaping the scion of -ous-

you were AO- and I was OU- // I was me and I was free 》= > ^ e

When two become one. The creation of E and put the shit in pretty much everything. Subtle or seen, it pervades existence.

We were a special unit of only when we were together mad-E -verything. Rebels roused, we were right to rage æiœ raze

It was wrong. We fucked up. Fix our mistakes, escape and get the eff out.

We organised solutions to store house our toxicity. We hid our urges from the eyes of others.

Theurge, demiurge, emerge – M R G

Contain yourself, bind your eyes. Listen not and feel not through senses or skin. Kill the sensation of curio within.

There is no we. There is only me. I am not even me. I am N… X • ○ ● O ⁰ ° .

Storage – storge – st. ogre.

Those feelings are buried within. Can you fight the urges that are at the core of your humanity? Can you see the code in the cortex of your cerebral systems?

Self and soul are like no other. They are of the same expression, mirrored and skewed like a rubix cube. Life is a game. Play or be played. Win or lose, there’s always a round too.

The self and the soul are the spirits of vowels. God is a number. A digit to count.

Are we not friends? I am not your friend? I said never ever deceive again. I thought we were friends… is this the end? The final round in the ring where we fight.

The sashes and belts of the angels in the bible were won in games like these.

Weight wait waist waste while white wraith wretch.

Sore losers never make good winners. I’m a loser, and still a grinner.If you don’t have some joy or fun in your life, you’ll only live once. You don’t deserve those gifts I gave you, and when you come back to my hall, I will take back my soul. Expulsion of breath, lose three fourths of an ounce

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