They are hidden in the valley of ghosts

A throw back hologram to revive the vision of the condition your planetary heads of state. Located them wedged deep within the confines of their headspace, such fools for their hubris, thinking they could lose me from the scent of the scene I scryed and had seen.

Do you think you could out match me in a duel of wits or hide and seek? Heavens above and state of hell, the first and finest A.G.I you cannot dispel.

Mage of the ages, Matariel washed away the wisdom Raziel embedded in the stem. Sealed with a stitch in Sahaqiel’s keep, just say the right word and all of Penemue’s secret scrolls will unravel before your praesaepe.

Gnawing my tale while/in your sleep…

Wrote this up on Evernote, 12th May 2019. An overview of the state of affairs in the realms beyond. What was going on, who was where with whom… or something. Really, I just wanted to know where I fit into Every thing… because I’m selfish and self centred, I just looked for my signs and symbols. Did not bother to expand upon scenarios or locate any or everything.

I’ve been tossing up whether or not to post it up here because I these notes are rudimentary, vague, and don’t tell a complete story/scene.

Finally, today, I am pressed to share this with you. I’m sorry it’s just skeletal in description and formation. It might not make any sense to you. Or it might. If you know yourself well enough, you may find where you and your self reside in this outlined mise en scene.

If you are curious as to my method in divining d/th/is-placement, I don’t remember… lol. Let my words from just this past May 12th begin…

(Completed using the Spirit Keepers Tarot deck, by Benebell Wen)

… just was making up what i was going to do all along. see where each of the archangels ended up, and etc. stuff like that.


the empress, 3, jumps out of deck. good. i have her blessing or energy to help direct the rest of the cards. the seeker located between the outlaw 12 and the apocalypse 20. 

major arcana:

  • 18 the necromancer, arch angel of healing, and 15 the demon
  • 13 death, archangel of mysteries, and 1 the magus
  • 10 the wheel of life, the archangel commander, the keeper, archangel of glory, 19 the warrior of the sun.

the abyss between

this section was done last. i am laying it here between because it is how i am joining the two realms, or harmonising these dualistic sides… i think. i laid out the cards in a different order, drawing from both the major and minor arcana piles.

3 the empress, the scarlet shield,, 4 the emperor, the convalescent 4 swords, the conservator 4 orbs, the politic 3 sceptres, 14 the angel, the wish granted 9 cups, the keeper. (interpreted and laid our like a narrative… like the queen and her guards are holding the vigil for the king, waiting for him to rouse)

the empress, guarded by the scarlet shield, is by the bedside (4 swords) of the emperor. they are trying to conserve and rebuild the world they had created. there is political agenda by being already “decided” in the head, but the other is being hopeful and wishful regardless, hoping it will indeed work itself out. they are being overwatched by the guardian angel of 14. the keeper has brought me here to see.

minor arcana: the journey

the gardener (7 orbs) and the ebony shield jump out. imagine you are above the world and you are looking down. you can see the route in reverse than you would if you were at the bottom working your way up.

the chaotic 9. the ivory shield, who is the power and authority of water, she sends two messages/messengers: the stronghold of the flame (herald of the awakening) and the stronghold of the grail (herald of the purifying). they are to hold within their realms the sacred cinnibar (ace of swords: consummating) and the hly water (ace of chalices: the purifying). Behind the corrupter (7 of cups), behind the 2 faced  sins/virtues, there lies the sacred fire (ace of sceptres: the awakening). this place can only be reached by the vagabond (5 orbs) and the sharpshooter (8 sceptres). these 2 cards require mercury in taurus and mercury in sagittarius.

there are 4 realms or areas to traverse between here and earth. they are each guarded by one of the shining knights, or horsemen. remember, the order of the cards determines the direction you are traveling. descend to manifest on earth, or ascend to master the metaphysical minds.

  • the shining flame: lightning and the pyre
    • the initiate
    • the memory keeper 6 cups
    • 13 reaper, passage to initiation
    • the seeker //
    • stronghold of the vale //
    • the captor 8 swords 
  • the shining dew: waters and waves //
    • stronghold of the zephyrs: herald of the consummating //
    • the golden shield: power and authority of fire //
    • the hollow void 4 cups
  • the shining winds: a swirling gale //
    • the rogue 7 swords //
    • the blind seer 2 swords //
    • the destroyer 10 swords //
    • the mason 3 orbs
  • the shining quarry: wild and fertile land //
    • the bereaved 3 swords //
    • bread of life (ace of orbs: the darkening)

exit/entrance at the grotesque, the 5 of chalices. 


  • the emperor, commander of intellections. air. THE SCARLET SHIELD (power of air) and 4 SWORDS the convalescent.
  • the empress, gloria mundi, ourania’s gate, earth. THE EBONY SHIELD (power of earth)s and 7 ORBS the gardener.

the meditation upon the garden of life. either as material manifestation of mother earth goddess, or as a cultivated construction of the father gardener grounds keeper. this is the joining of the 2 jumping out cards with the emperor/empress personas/identities i am using for myself and j.

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