my personal Business Planning tarot reading

  1. My purpose is to embody the energy of the sun and shine bright as an inspirational or ominous light in others lives. We already knew this, I am the sun of the divine, I gift life to dead hearts and eyes… and burn you away if too long in my presence you stay… I’m sorry..?
  2. By applying myself in a consistent manner (maintaining sustainable focus and discipline), I can imbue my radiance into my work so that others may benefit from my years of personal experience in effing shit up and still managing to come out the other end – better or worse for wear, it matters not, but the lessons we gain from the experience.
  3. I am fulfilled in my work for I am a teacher (legit, I have a Masters degree in secondary teaching). As I am able to contemplate and respond to the queries that are put forth before me, both student and teacher are able to gain from the wisdom of the words we inter- and ex-change.
  4. Princess of swords is intellectually inclined, perceptive and intuitive. She is, again, a keen observer, who brings clarity and insight to situations in which she is involved. She is a forceful and self-determining young woman who ill-tolerates injustice, weakness and manipulation. (angel paths)
  5. The knight of swords is incredibly perceptive, intuitive, subtle and clever.
    • I currently offer tarot readings, although I also integrate the various schools of esoteric and exoteric thought into my practice.
    • I also intend to create books and online courses along the veins of personal spirituality and awakening the divinity within.
    • I am a generator, not a manifestor. I need you to suggest or request the direction for me to build my empire. That is the crux of my human design.
    • Read my testimonials. Also I have a 5.0 star rating so far on Biddy Tarot’s free tarot reading community.
  6. I completed this reading back in June and it is now September. I have failed in channeling this energy effectively as I have essentially split my focus and time juggling the full-time working mother archetype at home (working 2 jobs) whilst also trying to navigate my intentions and growth of (the now defunct) modern mystic mother.
    • Well she dead now. And though these veins still bleed and breatje the muse of epic poetry, kalliope, by that name I shall be known no more. Inanimate object I become – I unveil my invisible hands are the ones that hold the lamp & key in esoteric symbolic mythology.
    • These next 1-2 months I aim to develop the Queen of disKs and cultivate her prosperity here upon the fields of my empire of dirt. May the gardener see my intentions and assist me in the growth of this new garden of aetheric Eden.
  7. I hold up high the ace of wands as a burning beacon, a libertine lighthouse keeper in 6-12 months. The inspiration of imagined nations who may come and see what we do here. We 3, we won’t be alone for long, they can laugh and cry conspiracy. My echo, my shadow, and me. My Demiurge, my Theurge, and Rhea.
  8. The future looks just as bright as our present with the moon as our external guiding luminary. As such, we will continue to work in the shadows (for I am the guiding shining light within) to unearth and reveal the truth and the secrets you all left buried underneath my skin. I desire to give voice to the ghosts that were oppressed, suppressed, repressed into forgotten obscurity. Everyone should get to have their fair say.
  9. Generosity of spirit breeds generosity of reward. Six of disks reminds me that these gifts and opportunities will reveal themselves when i have put forth enough to eke them out.
  10. Shit, its going to be hard work, but all worthy endeavours are never easy to manifest. Three of disks brings me a little help from some friends. I work best when I work in conjunction with some one or other to assist in the projection of the energetic magic I naturally generate.

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