Borderline personalities, disorderly factory.

Whose story is worthy of reading? Are you ready to decide which side of Libra’s scale to cast your lots? The weight of a bleeding heart on the winds of scalar feathers.

1, 2, 3 for 5. All my 4’s are structural.

Dr. Kalliope Veign, PhD in spin doctoring. Snaketale salesgirl, she has a cure-all elixir for whatever may ail you.

Mrs. Kim Lane, MTeach in secondary educational words.

Trumpet, my strumpet! Chaos chapstick number fief.

Kalliope is the chief muse of epic poetry. The goddess of eloquence is often seen in the company of royalty and with a tablet and stylus on hand. Once the consort of kings and rulers, she now writes for the heart of Hades.

Kim is the psycho-tyche talker, a teacher of jaded secondary students. The human is often seen enacting a scene with dramatic body movement and loud pterodactyl screech.

6 septum ate 9 then, free fall for my soul, Aten.

Dr Kalliope Veign is the goddess of eloquence; the chief muse of epic poetry. Equipped with anecdotes, her razor wit will have you bleeding from ear to ear.

Kim Lane is the wretched human woman of your nightmares. The archetypal incarnation of every ontological and eschatological character of metaphysical lore.

You can’t run and I can’t hide. Who used me to touch the sky?

Dr Kalliope Veign: goddess of eloquence, chief muse of epic poetry. Archetypal queen of heaven.

Kim Lane: goddamn human, antichrist of the zeitgeist. Bright shadow of her soul. Queen of the underworld.

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