Hanging out with Hades and Persephone

I can’t type fast enough. their thoughts and conversations supersede the speed of my own thought and fingers to transcribe the wisdom that they so casually drop when they speak. Forgive me, humanity. I must take these down in dot points for to transcribe (and impart contextual knowledge) in real time, I lose most of the conversation.

  • Did you know that the flood story was real because of a volcano?
  • its the mono-myth of the great flood story of Gilgamesh.
  • Russia lost a city that fell beneath the waters.
  • it doesn’t count as a mono-myth if it only entered public knowledge a couple of hundred years ago.
  • this is a genetic disease, we cannot stop the aging process for we don’t have a large enough sample, and we reproduce …
  • quantum computers, and the impracticality of maintaining a quantum environment. cubits must not be bothered lest they …
  • qubits not cubits. don’t get them confused. bits like in computers, not a unit of measurement.
  • Noah’s ark, and the ark of the covenant, were constructed out of bits. and they were cubed therefore they had physical mass.
  • I don’t care because I’m working the Phonetian way.
  • ARQ – ARC – ARK! containers of the thunderbolt, or vajra. Measure the energetic resonance of Zeus. He’s alive, his essence transcended time.
  • do you think Poseidon will come through in the end? she’s losing her trust in him, remembering more of his betrayals and sins …
  • Poseidon is going to be so pissed with Zeus, being used like that in another one of his damned heroic ploys against humanity AGAIN.
  • Did you take the appropriate measures to ensure the piping doesn’t trigger the sunken treasures before the right time, again?
  • The sea is salting the earth from underneath the foundations of the firmament; you know, the water table. I can’t keep dumping the pillars of salt body bags in the ocean.
  • Sophia has learned to walk. That’s not divine nor is it wise. It’s not ‘un-wise’ either.
  • But if she walks, she will fall. What goes up must come gown.
  • Don’t you mean ‘down‘?
  • No. Through the rising to one’s destiny, their highest point of life, they must bear the weight of the crown of Solaura’s corona in order to die. Either that, or watch the rest of the world die in her light.
  • The heat is on. Who left it on? It’s getting humid in here, I must shed these human clothes.
  • I, too, am getting hot. I want to take this skin off.

He lies across the bed, all is black. She is pink and blue, perched near the corner. I want to wait to listen to her sing one more warble.

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