Sightsee the Tarot Keys of Kalliope

This post contains my response to Benebell Wen’s latest installment of her video series Sightsee the Tarot: tarot keys for your birthday. Completed 18 May 2019, using the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

I haven’t completed the journaling prompts (at the end) as of yet, but have put the questions here so you could do the interpretation – or the whole exercise. It’s quite hard to complete this journaling prompt… I don’t know what to say about my life purpose or what not. It is difficult to pretend I’m not talking about myself when I very well know that I am… And I just realised that I completed this on the same night of the full moon in Scorpio!

Under the light of the full Scorpio moon, Venus caught up to Uranus and together they opposed natal Venus (who she once was, where she originated from). She is still young, she used to be old. She is tripartite – 3 in, of and as 1 – because she is the maiden and crone as also the chaos MMMOTHER of the world…

Here are my notes that I made in regards to the card significations and meanings.

Pursuit of destiny: Venus as a Scorpio

Sun sign: Key 13, the reaper

key words & phrases: passage to initiation. Intent on metamorphosis. Organises through dissolution. Processes dying. Motivated by life. Time to gracefully release someone or situation from your life.

Change; end of cycle; new beginnings; transition; change behaviour; transformation; endings; let go and move on, elimination; inexorable forces. Graceful surrender to change that is expected and necessary. Beginning of a new life, things won’t come easily. Don’t lose hope or wallow in self pity.

insights and reflections: lucem sequimur. Reaper as knight, light shines upon figure. Walks over bones, by the river. River raft, Charon steers the ferry across the water, psychopomp.

Chart ruler: Key 3, the empress

key words and phrases: gloria mundi: ourania’s gate. Intent on nurturance. Organises through love. Processes healing. Motivated by creation. Appreciate life’s abundance, especially physically. Share this abundance with others. Connect mind and body.

Abundance, imagination, femininity, beauty, fertility, nurturing, luxury, creativity, initiative, fruitfulness, parenting. Action, development, accomplishment, evolution. Guide through mental reality; birth of logic and reason; education, knowledge.

insights and reflections: swan, as guard. Asgard?! Eyes are bound, covered eyes with the wings of a dragonfly. Amongst the reeds of the river, guilded headgear adorned with jewels… crown. Wheel as headpiece, carries sceptre to rule. Cygnet. Pelicans. Little birdy, she grants the sun.

Decan ruler: Venus in Scorpio – 7 of chalices, corrupter

key words and phrases: 7 vices; debauch; illusionary success; too many choices; multiplicity; abuse; searching for purpose; reflection on inner life; struggle to expand self; faith, don’t give up.

insights and reflections: 7 vices and 7 virtues, wishful or wanton thinking. Able to corrupt, tendency to do so. Always two interpretations (or multi-leveled means of representing/understanding). Be careful not to get in own way… don’t believe the hype. Archangel Zadkiel, ruler of freedom, benevolence and mercy. Attributed dagger. Temptation! Manipulation…

Court card significator: Archangel of healing. Extraverted, the king of pretty cups.

key words and phrases: angel who salves and purifies. success through creative discipline; balance between head and heart, wise, calm; stability that comes from knowing your emotional self; avoids competition.

Calm clarity, control over emotions, manipulation; the power to govern and safeguard your emotional energy; re-balance through relaxation. Benefactor, unconditional love // betrayer, hatred.

insights and reflections: Ariel, Uriel, Aura of the light that sets in the west. The healer, singing songs into vials and jars, keep them away for those moments when all seems lost. A healer, she hears you whisper through the petals of the flowers. There is beauty in nature and she is in tune. Here is the wavy sea, the salted wounds heal. Raphael, render me annealed.

Elemental dominance: Ace of chalices.

key words and phrases: holy water, the purifying. creative imagination; spiritually and emotionally fulfilled and connected to life; outpouring of emotion and freedom of expression; intuition; emotional force;

insights and reflections: myrrh, chamomile. while work, receiver of divine communications, lunar work; what feeds and nourishes the soul, belief in synchronicity and deeper meaning. seeking understanding of ourselves in the space and time we occupy and do not occupy until we reach spiritual fulfillment.

alchemical phases to the magnus opus: the purifying (albedo, phase 2) water (carrier), chalices. The colour relates to whitening, transformation, awakening, atonement, cleansing, refinement, sublimation. Phase correspondence: stage of the moon; cleansing the soul; awakening to our light nature after experiencing darkness; becoming fully conscious of one’s true being.

Journaling prompts.

  1. What are the main attributes of your personality?
  2. What are your natural strengths?
  3. What are your natural weaknesses?
  4. What is your one major character flaw?
  5. What gifts, talents, or skills do you have to contribute to the world?
  6. What is your life purpose?

We are cosmic and we are divine. We are the reason there is some form of life. Corrupted, failed, but excited and remembered. Fingers and bones crossed as a personal gesture of hope. Guarding my heart by keeping vigil for your return.

J: (1) reaper, (2) new world order/the seeker, (3) 6 cups, souls of the lovers reborn, jupiter, sun in scorpio, (4) the ivory shield. (5) Bread of life. He is fire and earth. I am water and air. He becomes cosmic lava, I’m the steam that rose. He brings war, and I follow to tend the souls.

His cards fit with mine, perfectly. Uncannily.

I love you. I’m sorry I am the dark seductress of Lilith. My astrology chart is just a big damn whorle. Scorpio the “sexy death sign” is in the house of relationships… my chart ruler is also the chart leader, in my natal chart she’s caught in the act by the arms of Pluto. Look at our Scorpio’s. We are quite a pair… We are complimentary opposites but also a matching pair… Broken and breaking, but not really. We are annealing. We are breaking to be mended in better ways – evolving.

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