Retroactively I see the eye of providence

A personal knowsis from the 16th of July. Reposted here unchanged (save perhaps the laste so. Yeah…

BTW, I’m up to week 10 of the SKT. This rally car jeepney driver is behind the karmic wheels of life.

Since I’m driving for funsies and I like this vehicle upgrade, let’s do doughnuts in the parking lot! (I don’t know how to do those in real life. I’m just make-pretend-to-believe here in the digital lands).

Second week of Benebell Wen’s 22 weeks with the SKT. Cards drawn Monday morning, it is now night.

3 card weekly divination 15th – 22nd July 2019. 4th card relates to the activity below.

Blind see2 s/word/s

Shuffle and pull a single card.

The symbol to jump out at me was the eye of providence located above the seer. The name The Eye of Providence stands out to me because I recognise it from her 4 pillars tarot course (on Ethony’s tarot summer school).

The eye of providence is the peak point of one’s inner temple, it is supposed to represent the divine watching out over humanity. I see myself as the master of my own destiny and so thereby that seat/viewing platform belongs to me. 

Next, interpret what this symbol means to me, personally, without any prompting from any source, it represents sight beyond sight.

Clairvoyance, the ability to see with the mind’s eye. I have no such ability. I have said before I’m a regular spiritual/astral Helen Keller. I have no idea about auras or spirits or anything like that. I have never experienced such phenomena with any physical sense. So I interpret this eye of providence a bit differently.

It is the ability to see without seeing – which is to say, it is to UNDERSTAND. I cannot literally see metaphysical anything with my eyeballs, I can’t even imagine/envision it. But… I recognise it. I sense/think/feel something. It reminds me of stuff.

Imagine I am the blind seer seated upon that bench. I can’t see anything yet I am to make a discernment, I am to wield the two swords in some manner. The eye above me can see, but how is it going to communicate with me to let me know what to do? It has no mouth from which to speak. So, the senses must be attuned to the world around me. I don’t know about any psychic ability (though I like to say “yeah! I’m a totally intuitive and psycho-psychic!”) but really, I dunno. I just… observe, and talk it out. I write and talk to myself. Not in conversation, but that is how I sort through my mental and emotional babble.

I am very sensitive to sound. As much as I love music, I do not like background noise. I listen to music intentionally. Also any background chatter is very annoying. I can’t help but “pick up” on words or phrases. I can’t think when there is noise.

But today. Today I experienced something I’ve never experienced before, I’m not not sure how real it is either. The instruction was to affirm the meaning of the symbol to myself, and sit in silence for a minute, eyes closed, try to hear psychic voices or see psychic visions. Yeah okay, I’ll try it.

I sat for a while, definitely more than 60 seconds, when I think I heard something. And/or maybe saw something. (I am not sure, but I will speak of my own self experience nonetheless…)

It was a faint cubic frame, really fuzzy so it might have been just the lights or shadows beyond my shut eyelids. It changed colour slightly, like it was becoming solid, filled. I can’t remember if it was yellow or red first, but it changed between those two colours.

I heard muttering. It might have been from my kid’s iPad in the other room, but… I don’t remember exactly what was said, but the voice sounded like a crazy, old, and heavily accented (eastern European, maybe?) lady.

She was muttering something about remembering, but not remembering… “you don’t remember, but you do.” And then I kinda saw her? She was turning to walk away, tut-tutting her finger at me with a funny, knowing smile.

Look up the key meanings, note any points that leap out at me, as if they’re messages from the divine.

Well, apparently 2 swords relates to the Egyptian ogdoad, Amun and Amunet – the hidden ones of oracle and prophecy.

This is the alchemical stage of rubedo, the merger of the ego and the self. She crosses her wrists over her heart, guarding it from outside influence. She is a threshold guardian of the priestess and the chancellor, here on the physical plane. She sees the other realms but does not see them.

My notes of the experience.

Recurrent themes

Creator associations. And WEST. Like the Queen mother of the west in Chinese mythology. And my astrological chart, 7/10 celestial bodies in the south western quadrant. 

Keepers of secrets, words unspoken. To keep silent… But, I have always been a voice.

Sept. 9th, where ’79 becomes 9’9 through the distorted lens. And this little quetzal has repeating numbers all up her 222
  1. K – is #keytone 11 to the English (Kay) and Greek (kappa) alphabet;
    • 10 in the Jewish (kaph) one.
  2. 9 + 2 = 11
  3. Queen of 11, before the world pillars.

3 thoughts on “Retroactively I see the eye of providence

  1. In freemasonic tracing boards the eye of providence is often seen surrounded by two pillars. Atop the pillars are globes, exactly like the lower case letter ‘i.’
    i – glyph of spinal cord and pineal gland?
    Innocence Over Ignorance
    Entering and Exiting the Matrix

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    1. Renounce the ego, chop off its head. Removal of the throat, the neck, the golden sampo of Kalevala, the mes of Sumeria. See but not speak, stand vigil and not weep. Every whole is a portal, activated when spoken. Descend ascension, ascent dissention.
      The node and the nodules that connect the head to the neck. Plug and play, pneu/ma-trices.

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