Astrological Tidbits #2

I’d like to continue this thread about how the signs each govern for 2 hours in the 24 hour cycle.

As a teacher, you can use the classroom as a microcosm of the world, with which to study astrological phenomena. Of course the routines of the bell schedule don’t always line up perfectly with stellar energies, as we shall see.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 3.04.24 PM

6-8 am is Aries, Cardinal Fire. You need that initiating action energy to get out of bed and propel you into the day. Mars rules Aries, the warrior spirit. Mars is Ram backward, Rah, the Sun God. Rise and shine. The ram is in the word MORning.

Students, get to school. Don’t be late.

Problem is, once 8am rolls around, the energy changes. Taurus, from 8-10 am slows things down with her Fixed Earth energy. Time for breakfast. Except the bell rings at 8:30 and students are expected to perform. Wrong timing, no wonder they are all asleep at their desks. 8-10am is a good time to take stock, do some accounting, reflecting. Plan the day.

Then Gemini, Mutable Air from 10-12pm. Now students are awake again. By third period they want to talk, air is communication. You can’t get them to shut up. Although good teachers will utilize this energy for more class discussion. I noticed the most questions and curiosity about the material would come up during this time.

Cancer, 12-2pm. Lunchtime, concerns of the belly. Feelings start to come up. OK I’ve eaten, now where am I at emotionally today? (Cardinal (initiating) Water (emotions). Students are hustled back into class too soon, for 5th period. Not a good time for teachers. Students are still concerned with social affairs. Jealousy, crushes, conflicts, side conversations and distractions are at their height during this time, as ‘state-adopted’ education takes a backseat.

Leo – 2-4pm. Some semblance of calm returns for the Fixed Fire of Leo. Cardinal is about building up energy and meaning like a tornado, Fixed is about sustaining it. Mutable is about tearing it down to make space for something new. In Fixed Fire you sustain whatever communications and ideas that came up during Gemini, and whatever feelings came up during Cancer, and reflect on them. For teachers, this can be enjoyed as a lull, at the end of the day, or it can be the opposite: if all those energies were suppressed all day, it can erupt like a fire making the last class the worst – Leo the lion comes out to roar and thump his chest.

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