throne up word vomit

Tune out of the static and into the white, all that is light is just radiant noise.

Can you hear the star queen scream?

Like an alarm, she breaks the 4th wall like a siren.

Come come my Casey, crawl free from the cage we designed for the blind to protect, they’re behind our time.

Signature style, common forth, four forms a barrier.

I am reminded of tarot cards drawn 13 hours ago.

SKT, vitruvian edition. The new world order, the grotesque, the kindred, the dark horse.
Spirit keepers tarot, vitruvian edition.

Lumen Numen

  • 7 rays of light reach out to 7 rods of might.
  • 8 doors before you now form 4 floors.
  • 3 decide, collide. Contained within 5.
  • 4 bear witness the sacrificial transformation.

The gift giving depletes her.

messy message, aegis delivered

Captain Captive outreach prognosis. Commander Caption outer porous process. Chief Commission onomastic praxis. Conscious confidence orches-trick prickle. Kore of the Crone, consult an iconoclast.

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