The Great Awakening

When one thing a-wakens, another thing dies (funeral wake, in the wake of)

Are you woke yet?

Burroughs writes “The Great Awakening arose from the horror of a dead soulless universe. All the old answers have failed: the Church, the State. All the hundreds of cults with their answers, all seen as lies in the inexorably gentle white light of the White Cat, lies with nothing but terror and emptiness behind the lies.”

william burroughs

Burroughs writes,  “…the male cat is Ra himself. It is fleeting: if you see something beautiful don’t cling to it. If you see something horrible, don’t shrink from it, counsels the Tantric sage. However obtained, the glimpses are rare, so how do we live through dreary years of deadwood, lumbering our aging flesh from here to there? By knowing that you are my agent, not the doorman, gardener, shopkeeper, carpenter pharmacist doctor you seem to be.”

The gardener tending to his garden, nobody notices him or pays him no mind, or would suspect the power in those fingertips.

You are my agent; the gardener remembers his higher code.

The White Cat, Cheshire

He’s both there and not there.

Both a(wake) and dead.


The living realm and the bardo realm – A quantum quandary

The White Cat is Ra, Radiance, the Sun/Son. Blanco, the blank slate. Divine magnetism – white light

She is Nut, or Nuit, Lady of the Night Sky, or black light, swallowing the sun.

Or flip the roles and she is mother Mary MAG-deline, MAG-netism – white light

and he is Joseph, Seth or Set, Saturn/Satan, Lord of Darkness, reaper of souls, black light.

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 10.40.54 PM

That’s the sex magicky thing holding this place together; the big bANG, Yin yANG.

Black and white Source Light combine to create the ELectric Universe

To create Torus fields (little bulls/cows/angs)

To create the ELohim, the 7 colors of the rainbow.

The seven ArchANG-EL’s

To create EL/ALLAH the Lord of the L and R of Effects, and of Electricity

The whole thing permeates us, through our torso/torus field

the etheric field

quantum information field our souls are embedded in.

like numbers (signature patterns) in a grid.

waves in the wake

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