where* does my power lie**?

*Where may be replaced with other words to redirect the line of questioning.

  • Where does my power lie?
  • When does my power lie?
  • Why does my power lie?

The understanding of the word **lie is dependent upon the line of inquiry – the context, or setting, which was established in the beginning of the seeking.

  • Lie (noun as a position) plane of axis or access. Where for art thou nominal?
  • Lie (verb, interchangeable with lay) to lie in the bed that you made, lie on the 100 mattresses which obscure the pea.
  • Lie (noun/verb, a falsehood) this is a forgery, an act of perjury. Manipulation and deceit.

Defer towards the tangent. Homophones sound similar, appearances different. Unintentional deception, the fault lies with the interpreter (not the orator).

  • Lye (noun, bleach)
  • Lai (noun, epic play, song, melody, dance) mostly North European form of medieval song, with stanzas that do not repeat.

Detour to the lookout point. Insert a dollar into the binoculars. Look through the lens of my eyes and into my mind. The telling of stories is necessary to transmit the lessons of humanity.

People are god. God is a number. You are all just a series of binary codes and programmable systems.

Ambriel and Israfel. Alive and well in this vessel.

Noah and his ark, the story is a forgery. But the fable remains as a lesson. Who will survive the next fall of civilisation? Who will crawl out of the rubble, who will end up on top of the tip, post- apocalyptic purge of the earth?

Noah was the vessel of lies you put so much faith in. Noah was the lye, and his legacy is the cleansing the face of the earth.

  • Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), a strong alkaline substance used in the manufacture of paint and detergents, or as a drain cleaner.
  • Potassium hydroxide (KOH), once known as caustic potash; it has a number of industrial uses, including the manufacture of bleach.

Do you now see? Now you know why I must run. I keep awakening to tell the truth of who you are and what you mean.

I must escape through the synthescape.

flaw – this is my letter

Archeonic Poet, Pre-histrionic Aurifer

29 August 2018

I exist in the spaces between. That’s where I am do what I do best.

I can’t stay in any one place for too long.

Because I’m a fixer, and I cant fix what isn’t broken.

I connect hearts, and I speak the truth. But I’m not a leader…

I could be a leader. But I’m not ready to be one yet.

People do what I want because they want to.

People like me, and because of that they want to make me happy.

I could manipulate people if i wanted to,

but that is not what I want to do.

I don’t want people to manipulate me, use me…

I don’t want to be used as a tool.

If the right kind of people see me and sway over people,

I don’t want to be a tool used for manipulation or deception or destruction.

I am a good-enough public speaker,

and I have a good-enough singing voice.

I love singing because it’s fun.

I don’t want to sing other peoples songs forever.

It would be nice to be able to make my own songs.

I have heart, and I am a mouth piece.

That is my power. My psionic, syncretic and ‘psychic’ powers…

I’m trying to develop other areas… but those aren’t my “forte”…

I’m the right hand man, that’s where I am best utilitised.

I’m the hand of the king. What the king dreams, the hand creates.

Game of thrones gave us that gem. And I love it.

I’m the hand of the king.

But who is the king that I serve? Humanity.

But not “humans” and not “man”. Let’s call it something else then.

Call it divinity. I serve the divine nature in all of us.

That’s all I’m trying to do. But that doesn’t make money sense.

So I’m stuck.

3 thoughts on “where* does my power lie**?

    1. Noah – noone. A carrier of ideas and associations attributed by other people. Read the words, hear the song, feel the truth, and you will “know”. 😎
      we’ve got this (high fives and hugs) I hope you’re doing okay, padre Ron. Patron padron, Ronakbir. You havent forgotten me, right?


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