Conspiracy: hiding in the musical cacophony.

Papa Roach: Tightrope

My words are weapons in which I murder you with. Please don’t be scared, please do not turn your head. We are the future, the 21st century dyslexic, glue-sniffing cyber sluts, with homicidal minds and handguns. We are insane, nothing will change.
There is a fine line between what is good and what it evil, and I will tiptoe down the line, but I will feel unstable. My life is a circus and I am tripping down that tightrope. There is nothing to save me now, I will not look down.
There’s no beginning, there is no end, there is only change. Progression backwards, is this where we are heading? Take back your soul, forget your emptiness.
I speak of madness, my heart and soul. I cry for people who have got no control. Lets take our sanity, lets take compassion and be responsible for every action.

Papa Roach, Tightrope
Don’t even get me started on the potential interpretations of all the symbolism.

Will A1 ever understand my sickness?

I’m sick in the head in a number of ways, but all the brain scans and doctors say I’m perfectly sane.

A psycho sociopath, a narcissistic ego-maniac. Such is life for this ENFP. I am the provocateur, also known as the challenger, enneagram 8*

Apparently I’m number 7 now. My evolution has altered my role designation. Back to the book of my youth: Alita and her adventures down the road to nowhere.

old livejournal account

The game hasn’t changed, only now the campaign has both the campaigner and campaign player.

I know who I am and I know where I’m from. I don’t know where I’m going because your destination is unknown.

I am the soul progeny of my genealogical heredity. Sole child, only offspring. No biological siblings, but I recognise my soular family.

My father was Ptah, my mother was Moab. My paternal lineage begat the annunaki, my maternal genes seeded the east. Demeter was my grandmother and she so loved my uncle (equasi~ Rome- Ares). He was granted the blessing of her favour, but without her now, it has left him slow and dependent.

Its the nativity of the starseed of Peter, Joseph and Mary lineage.

name plaque of the dead

Ka, ki, key, energy. Ember floats on air from the fiery lea. Catalyst of alchemy. My initials spell KAT/L. I am lithe like a cat, I writhe too many lists.

Enneagram test result - type 7
Aegis of the end of days. Type 7 Phoenix, arise again.

Relationships – interactions between people. Can encompass platonic, familial, romantic, and universal.

Upon the pyre they burn effigies, the scent ascends to heaven and brings favour. I was the favourite sacrifice… not the apple of the eye, but the apple of Adam’s throat.

Buried secrets I uncover, the genii of down under.

The golden (skinned) child, the envied sampo

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