Inside my human design. 4/1 generator, gate 43.

I can be anything that you dream up for me. A punching bag, a plate of fish, a lecherous memory.

But most of all, if you ask me, I just want to be free to be all and none of it. I just want you, to want to be with me.

Up in the air I fly, zoom zoom tzimtsun Zion Xian. Get in on me and you’ll be in a world of “WTF-ication”. Gather round and you’ll be bound for a trip to Khambalia triskeland, star terminal portal.

This kitty K will take your mind for a whirly-jig journey. Shed what you think, and lose all your senses. They only get in the way between you and your want for me.

Knowledge. Wisdom. Discernment. Grace. Authority. Beauty. Intelligence. All 3 things of orient are, I am the north and the south, the rising fallen star.

King, queen, knave, harlequin and the knight. I am the castle and the clearing your magicians dream of keening.

Calling all passengers to Gate 43

A self proclaimed narcissist, so vain in fact she named herself Veign. If everybody is talking about me anyway, why not I myself jump in on the action? I have plenty to say about the persona I think I am wearing today.

I’m just being honest about myself. I am the lie that you all perpetuate when you hide behide screen names and avatar faces. These are the masks you wear in the digital sphere. The faces you masquerade in reality belie the actual insidious joke you don’t see.

As my own number one fan, of course I know all the facets and aspected views of myself, I invite you to consider me. Look upon and observe how I obsessively study me and how I see myself all throughout myth and history all over the globe.

Here is my body graph, broken down to show you.

Body graph depicting the conscious (black, right) and unconscious (red, left) aspects of my personality.
Table showing the properties of my chart (left), and the activated gates as they correspond with my time and place of birth (right).
I am a rare specimen. Look at the statistics of my type and incarnation.

So as to not confuse you any further, I hereby separate myself from my signature letter. I sacrifice K from my name and lay her here bare. We will violate and examine K as a demonstrable example for you all to learn.

I am left with 14 other letters to represent myself when I am not her. The letters that stood in line behind K are I and M.

I aM is both who and what I am, as I always have been. Contractions allow me to then go by I’m or even IM (instant messenger, the mass engineered letter delivery service).

You’ve seen mine, now what about yours?

Let’s start a dialogue about your own human design chart! I have had no training whatsoever, but I’m the insightful channel of knowing, remember?

I’ll interpret it! Discuss with me in the comments. Caw caw, the first bird this woman embodied was the kestrel.
  • LINK IT GOOD!! – free charts; sample reports; paid readings and interpretations

Is this something you’d like to see me explain or explore further?

There’s more I have yet to say along this line of investigation of my character analysis… Without prompting from an imagined audience, I might (or not) forget – eventually get around to it.

One thought on “Inside my human design. 4/1 generator, gate 43.

  1. I’m also a 4/1 (emotional projector) I would love more insight about my Incarnation Cross of Fantasy


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