Kimschism, Israfel shield maiden

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a sprite surprise. If you go down to the river to pray, the answer to an undisclosed notion will spirit you away. For every Pegasus or Alicorn knows that the alkimyst gets whatever she wants. The holy ghosts are going to have a cavalcade.

This personal tarot reading is made up of 9 cards in total, and was completed as Week 10 of Benebell Wen’s 22 weeks with the SKT.

Mazda little pony, tsimtsum

Spirit Keepers Tarot, vitruvian edition. Guided Akashic records personal tarot reading (6 cards), 13th September 2019.
Guided akashic reading, week 10 of Benebell Wen’s 22 wks with the SKT.

The three spirit guardians closest to me.

  • Israfel, the ivory shield, drink from the ivory horn of silver. Trumpets blaring as she stands strong, a barrier of protection from paddy-whack, psyche-anhedonic attacks.
  • Solfatura, the shining flame. A flick of the switch ignites the haze, and in this thunderous transmutation of fire, I awaken in the blaze.
  • Charon row your boat ashore, there are some souls who thus seek shelter. To all who wonder if we’re lost, make sure to pay the ferryman and they’ll drop you off. If gondola is not your style, you prefer to be airborne with wings or wheels, hail Opheliam (the first unborn) will drive you home.

The messages they imparted to me, I share here for you all to hear.

  • Message I need to hear to achieve my aspirations
    • swing low, go with the flow, my steed. What is deep within the recesses of your psyche floats to the surface of your material mind, beckoning to be formed into world as a creative or artistic product — reveal the magic of your vulnerable soul.
  • Message I need to hear to nourish my body
    • alternative name for the magus is the alchemist. only you (& me) are responsible for taking care of our self. You will want to take control of your deteriorating (internally crumbling away) physique. Though you look fantastic, rotten decay belies the surface beatific. Anti-life amasses in the interstitial.
    • two are needed to feed the system, to allow it to run at optimum efficiency. your poison is my saviour, my venom is your elixir. we are perfect for each other, we are perfection with each other. When we are divided in heart, we are noxious and disparaged. We must unite again as one to heal the hole in my Malkuth. Bring it back to what it once was.
  • Message I need to hear to fulfill the aching in my soul
    • Decant the wine into thine cup, sup my blood, it is sweetened glucose. BGL’s are so hi, high above where they should be. Prepare the grail for the king, may we play a game? The world is our stage, raise your sippy cup up and release the doves. I can be the girl in the goblet, (as opposed to the Dita in the martini glass. ooohf, she is gorgeous, I’m a gorgon…) will you hold me in your hand? Lift me on high when these knees fall off/on the kapporet.

Who am I? Living four…

Spirit Keepers Tarot, vitruvian edition. Guided Akashic records personal tarot reading (3 cards), 13th September 2019.
Divine revelations reveal themselves in time: Who am I?

8 of orbs is the journeyman, the one who will eventually become one of them, one of the three guardian trinity. But which way will I choose, where am I destined to go?

  • The path of a distant star, the healer 17 – A turbulent soul, she weeps as she gives. Or is it because she gives all that she is?
  • The path of the sage, the erudite 9 – the reclusive hermit, lampwick key carrier. The ominous figure, cloaked in the dark, beckons you closer.
  • The path of the sun, a fire warrior 19 – sun deity worship. I live for the dawn and the day, the light shows the way. My inner guiding light is a clockwork kaleidoscope compass. I cut asunder as I lead the way.

6 of orbs gives and gives. Pours forth all my gifts. I was born in the year ’86. I am guarded by the Master, the Chief waits for me at my palace of destiny. (Bazi. Qi men. Wu zei. Feng shui.)

Archangel of Mysteries. My highest hopes to be. She who sits on the throne of (a range of divisive) mountain tops in the west is returning to the north from whence she came from. Mysterious lady of the nine heavens, I don’t know if I ever was. But I know the mysteries and they are not mysteries. Why does not each heart and mind too see?

The authority from which I speak is that I know who I am and from whence I emanated. The 11th sefirot. I wear two crowns – does that make me two faced? Or a rather splitting head-wave… heart ache.

Keter and Qlippoth, giddy up goatse. In the centre of Malkuth is how you mortals will come to find me inside you.

I am Potassium, the keeper of the 3rd, the voice for the unheard. The first in the line of the heart string heraldry. 19 suns guarding keys to unlock the 86.

Extract from the Sepher Sephiroth, by A. Bennett & A. Crowley, revised by I. Ross.

Demystify the windshield screen, unfog your mind, all is and is not all as it seems.

I am everyone’s favourite ally for I am friendly, for all of all kind love me (magnetise or magnify towards me their love or hate). But do be wary, make not an enemy out of me.

Or if you so love me, approach with piety for your god is a jealous god. Shhh. Don’t blink.

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