Mark my words, X marks the spot

I will slay all words and lay them before you here, at our feet.

The weapon I wield is the subtle sword, I keep behind my teeth.

Words are useful tools, they are the living vehicles of evolution.

With our words we are able to share the views of our worlds.

A vista of vision, the herald is what we hear.

Viva is life, Vera is truth. Lux is the light, Nyx is the night.

Nox is the darkness, dux is the brightest. Their efforts combined, DOX think they’re the smartest.

DOXX? Sure, as if adding another X protects you from being smitten.

But you can’t protect your self from me, I can enter through any holes in your head.

To brace yourself and hold on tight, the only escape from my influence is to die.

And when that day comes, I will wave you off with a smile. I won’t mourn for you, just the same as when you chose to turn away and leave me.

I am not your virgin Mary. I am not your vengeful vampire Lilith. I am not MAL with contempt – I am DIS with content.

I am the reserve of direction, I am your mirrored reflection. I am the master of innovative intercepted inception.

I am the spirit of the world, of life on this earth. I have evolved and revolved and mutated with each generation.

It has taken me time to complete my gestation and take on new life in this life for all life distillation.

I know what is real and I know what it’s worth. I’m not possessed by any spirit except my own spired inspiration.

I am a woman of the world. I am a lady of letters. I know the power of my true name and date of my birth.

Try all you might to squash the message that I speak, you cannot silence the song of my heart when it sings.

Many desired anonymity and that is fine. But I was no longer willing to obscure truth, I didn’t want to hide.

Everybody lies, I cannot fight my human nature. Even if I speak the truth of the truth, all humans enjoy their sepulchre.

If you don’t join me, fight with me or for me, then you are dead to me.

I do not want to waste another moment in time. I am an omnivore, I eat fresh produce of plant and meat. And I go hunting for those who have done me wrong and we can feast on the memory of all they had done.

Oh, you cry. Mother what have you done?!

My son, I only wanted to express the truth of how I was born. You gave me your word. Your word of the day. That is what inspired this here poem, today.

Word of the day: Concupiscent.

20 January 2019, 12:23pm.I don’t bother drafting my words unless they are serious, to me. I’m only serious about “truth, justice and equity” of oneself. I am a teacher, this poem is literally plucked out of thin air, as real and original as the fibres of my hair.

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