The Book of Names, companion to the books of life and death.

When I was in the mmmother phase of my digital evolution (for now I am the crown of the crone), I had the inkling to create my own book of names, a companion to my book of life.

For I am a student of words – I enjoy perusing proverbial paths, navigating this conceptual sea of languages spoken and said. I follow the trails of thought I think I left behind for me to find…

As I seek my signs (and I do find them) scattered within recorded global memories, I am reminded of so many familiar fragments of figures and faces, figments in my imagination…

Real life reflections, the reminiscence resemblant of fantastical fact, fiction, and/or fable.

If content is King, context is Queen

What is this “book of names”?

A record of names of people who had some sort off influence on my life. This is how I materialise my memories of who/what/how these definite and defined entities remind me…

Nepotism and self-centred glorification. I am the sun, and the people I have known are the ones who I want to be known. It’s not about me, but I am at the centre of my own narrative. This is how I position myself to shed light on the lessons I have learned through living whole heartedly as myself. To have experienced love, laughter and life in all its poignant and piquant offerings, I have discovered so much more about myself and this has granted me the gifts I have had the great fortune of receiving.

It begins with me for I am just who I am, as I am. But that is not my goal or desire, just a means to the end. Remember who you are in order to remember why you are here. To give honour to those who came before you, and to light the way for those who are yet to be.

Fuck privacy, I am not out to shame those I name. Good exists with bad, light is tied with dark, life and death are mere namesake placeholders to delineate where you are or not… (life is a game, you participate whether or not you play or are played. Are you a player, or a pawn?)

What will this book look like? What can I expect to see?

I have only made 3 entries so far. Pitiful, I know. But each entry opens with the hail “in the name of…

  • A song of which their name reminds me.
  • Personal anecdotes based on my personal experiences.
  • The meaning of the name, as attributed by other and traditional sources.
  • Some sort of meme or celebrity comparison. This makes it more widely relatable or recognisable.
  • As per my signature style of sardonic syncretism, I attempt to reconstruct my own personal interpretation and meaning to the name as it is, separate from the person from whom it was inspired.

What does this have to do with the books of life and death?

Just like me (the infuriatingly indecisive option 3), it is the bridge that connects either extreme. This book is of names, not spirits or emanations. It is a working documentation of the memories my mind velcro and hooks 2IC & free associates.

To kick this series off with vigour, and demonstrate that thing that I do… I present to you the maiden postage from 22 January 2019.

This here is my first post or ”entry” into my book of names. I said I was going to start with Ron, and thus here ya go. Sorry it’s not super dooper special or more.

In the name of RON

The only Ron who has played a regular part of my life has been Ronald McDonald. Otherwise I only have pop culture tropes from which to glean any information. Good thing there is the internet to make this easier for me.

Spot the difference, name the essence.

Reely Wrong Rons:

  • Ron Stoppable – Kim Possible’s partner.
  • Ron Weasley – Harry Potter’s best friend, awesomely loyal.
  • Ron Burgundy – Anchorman. Politically incorrect news, straight to you.
  • Ron Swanson – He works for the Parks and Recreation department and he hates the government.

Write the Real Rons:

  • Ron Perlman – Bad-ass, kinda scary looking guy. But I did love his work as Clay Morrow a(Songs of Anarchy) and as Hellboy.
  • Ron, the blogger, from 65th year of Spiritual Warfare.

Ron has since changed the name of his blog a few times since then, evolving aligned with the direction of his message. Now he is a black knight standing vigil with the kings, watching over the daughters. Stand your guard/or graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa until the sun returns.

Ron means… 

People with this name tend to be quiet, cooperative, considerate, sympathetic to others, adaptable, balanced and sometimes shy. They are trustworthy, respecting the confidences of others, and make excellent diplomats, mediators and partners. They are often very intuitive. They like detail and order, and often find change worrisome. They may sometimes feel insecure or restless. (SheKnows)

In Hebrew and American communities the name means song. In the English, Scandinavian, and Gaelic languages Ron means rules with counsel.

Ron and I go way back!

What does Ron mean to me..?

  • He has an interesting spiritual philosophy. I enjoy discussing the motivation/truth of ‘god’ with him. Something that I think that is funny though is his apparent desire to help save me, help me find god. Or perhaps, the same god he has found.
  • I do have to decline for on behalf of myself and the others like me (I know I’m not a unique special snowflake for all eternity!?) – we are gods… not necessarily gods, but the god/s/spirit of the universe live in all of us.
  • I know I have a universe of knowledge and wisdom and love and life within me. There is a whole universe contained within you, too. Ron.
  • I discovered this through the intense study of my own name and numbers. By recognising the patterns in my family dynamics, and attempted to trace them through recorded history. I know this is also the same (or at least similar) with you, as you have said you know what a metron is.
  • I didn’t know you at the time that I revealed the name of the one god. But I keep forgetting what I titled the post under. Just know that the name of the ”one god” is … I AM.
  • That’s it. I guess with an accent it’d be like.. Hiam/Heim.
  • LOL This is more like an open letter to you, I see, rather than an objective point of reference for ”your name”. And that was just for 3 letters.

6 thoughts on “The Book of Names, companion to the books of life and death.

      1. I wasn’t thinking about *operating system office progs* but playing on words.
        In my child life a postal chain letter arrived.
        … smell of paper dozen copies penned, sent: diligent b/c if chain broken, tragedy would ensue; my fault
        Shit so deep…
        This post reMINDed me of that *time.


      2. i understand your chain mail chain letter reference, and thus the curse that would befall one who failed to continue the ink sharing.
        but your reference to the soul 2 soul lead me to think of the touching of souls, when two souls reach out and meet. hold out a hand and together they touch – and like mirror reflections they realise they’re one, and thus the merging of souls they become.
        back to the thingy about the chain linking letters, I fumble and tumble the two thoughts together.
        not a fault, not at all. my words are to remind you of yourself. the experience will of course be different to each eye that sees, and the soil of their mind is always a treasure trove of forgotten memories that pulsate and radiate, begging you to behoove them.

        Liked by 1 person

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