New Moon Libra-te neu-men enslaved.

Astro Butterfly talks about this month’s new moon in Libra (which is tomorrow). I am going to talk about myself, in relation to the points she brings up in her post.

  • Archeon Alkimyst, archetypal alkahest, astrological archivist, A-team LARPG investigation head de-monster-ation
  • Libra, seeking answers outside of themself
  • Chiron, the wounded healer of reconciliation.
  • Aries, the self centred ego. It will take Chiron 9 years to drill this into Aries limbic brain.

What’s the difference between the houses and the signs?

  • Planets – the characters or vessels that embody our judgments and expectations.
    • New moon – the moon is the emotional and subconscious self, the divine feminine, how we feel as we wade through the tides of life.
      • New moon, new beginnings. Repeat the cycle through creation, again.
  • Signs – the characteristics or behavioural traits the celestials take on board
    • Libra – balance, justice, harmony, connectedness, fairness, equilibria & gracious (save face).
  • Houses – area of life where this astronomical dramatica will take centre stage
    • Libra corresponds with the 7th house of relationships, partnerships, the OTHER than ourselves.

Look at my chart: how does it line up?

Libra the blind judiciary. Traditional ruler of the 7th house of relationships. Housed in the 6th dutiful daily worker horse/bee routine, below my western horizon.

The New Moon in the sixth house heralds a time when new diet regimes, healthy routines, and satisfying work schedules can be successfully initiated. It is a time of taking care of business, handling details, and increasing your efficiency by re-organizing or simply by working enthusiastically at tasks that help you get caught up in your work. It is also a good time for analysis of any sort, as critical thinking is now at its peak. This period is marked by a desire to sort things out, but also to be useful.

Cafe Astrology.

Ok, the new moon happened in the wee hours of this morning whilst I was sleeping and I never did finish this post.

Kairos is my bane, the shadow of my soul. We used to be one, but now I am the one without, and Kairos is the one who gives. But not to me, when we meet it is only through Serendipity. Our plans always work against us if we try to reunite.

Kairos is the 6th, and I am the 7th. He provides for the earth, and I provide the fire. I am the spark of life, and he is the dust of the dead.

On the world’s chart, the new moon was in the 1st house. The ego.

Depending on what house system you use will change if this is a 1st or 2nd house configuration. Such as the Whole signs will see this as a 2nd house. I’m just using equal houses so…

It’s on the edge, or in the borderlands, that the moon and the sun meet. They exchange words of what they had heard like secret spies passing by in the middle of the night. Can’t seem to be seen cavorting with the “enemy” so… They meet every month like clockwork. Hold the axis of the world, spin and turn and never change in themselves – but in of that, they implement and insurrect change upon the world…

Tom Jones and his cardigan are Burning down the houses

Key words to remember which room of this house is for.

  1. The ego. Your leadership.
  2. The body. Your strength and security.
  3. The voice. Your walky-talky.
  4. The heart. Your home of vulnerability.
  5. The holey portal. Vacuum sucker, horn blower. Push or pull, reverse or forwards. Quickly now, make up your mind. The drain pipe is a fountain hose, this is the wellspring of creative re/un/birth…
  6. The system. Your competency for autonomy.
  7. The other. Your reflection, the mirror. Do you see what you want to see?
  8. The monster. Your dread in the night, the comfortable life. If you could be someone else, you wouldn’t be yourself. This is the awkward place you reform.
  9. The scholar. The records of your life and crimes, what you want learn to transform yourself and the world.
  10. The crown. The crown is not part of you but it is an accessory. How others see you, and how you want to be seen.
  11. The throne. Those who prop you up, support you, the reserve to your strength when you feel the weight of your world.
  12. The razor guillotine. The individual and the institution. How can you separate yourself from the system? How much is you, and not me?

Fighting fire with fire. Air condenser increases pressure. Bang bang, I shoot my words into your defense

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