Break my bread of life with me.

  • this is my bread and butter. Eurasian in Australia, hallelujah finlo-leia. (Finnish father, Filipino mother.)

  • Protect the key at all costs.
  • Storm, ionise the gates.
  • If they want a war, let’s give them what they are asking for.
    • But the gates must remain open to give them the best chance they can get.

earth, who cares what else. why is the question you must ask. Y,  V U > < L J r j l u n y i h c v 7 1

Inception of the concept, precept of conception. Sep Sept 7. September is the 7th month as diagnosed by top diagnostician, Dr Gregory House.

However Dr Julisa Cuttlefish made a big mistake in the mistranslation by misappropriating the sounds with the visions. She wanted to be taken seriously, instead of being seen as super cute and cuddly. She changed her name from from Cuddy to Cutty, and off with their heads she declared.

As next in succession hierarchy goes, she rose to ascend and sat on the throne. The head of this hospicable realm, she hired the djinn to placate the unrest.

Dreams of burning flames, or somnulent sunder, they’ve got the elixir to tantalise your wonder.

You get what you wish for, your dreams are all within reach. Just take it, it’s yours! What are you waiting for?!

Blowing my horns for Gondor!!!

Haha, well done, my friend. You’re getting so much closer to the line. You may be ready soon. Question everything, discern intentions.

Why are people so pushy to save you? Save the world, it’s so damn important that you must do this. Give me $79.99 and I’ll do it for you!

When I am Queen, I will not wait as my body type is still game, we can do that sick hammer throw (remember how we used to throw ourselves into the thickest of battles, and I told you to just… Don’t tell the elf) and when I’m all up in their face, we can ask the right questions to bring back the sparkle in your eyes.

  • who/what
  • when/where
  • why/how

Even questions were made in pairs. Don’t leave shit up to fate, lest someone else take your prize for themselves.

3 thoughts on “Break my bread of life with me.

    1. Self mastery, conquer the beast within. Realise it is part of yourself and it is folly to ignore or deny it exists. Soothe the beast within, let it be the power generator to your extraordinary biomachine


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