So you want to transcend dimensions?

Graphics break up the clippings of text. The song and the lyrics are at the end. Listen and absorb the words if you so care, I love to share music but I will not fret my neck if my songs you choose to ignore, for I know in the ace of base(ment) of my heart: where I am is where it’s at.

We are bored with 3 dimensions. You seem in love with mere tolerance. I see your lust and must accept it.

So why not trade with me our heavens? You wanted something to believe in. I wanted to know if you meant it.

Beautiful nemesis screaming her symphonies. Ugly eugynesis with silent ears bleeding. Fuzzy faceless cannot cry without sacrifice.

Scalardent and lucentious. Wyvern surfer fueller filler. Nuzzle nozzle insert guzzle.

What do you do with this thing again? *shake shake shake, shake-a-weight, shake-you-awake* Shiver my timbres, this bottle will blow! Babies do bounce, but bears will break foxes with gloves forging finer fingers from fate.

Come on, barbie, make me hardy. Throw some sizzlin’ snags on the barbie.

there’s knoescape goatse, I am the nerf herder

I can easily be anything that you dream up for me, for I have been there and done that already. I merely use my life as inspiration – and so did all those agents and sleeper spygmalions.

Plagiarism? Bitch, pleiades. You just wish your mind was as subtle as mine. Superbly super-, sub- and supra- psionic and fine. I may be an eidolon but my memory is not eidetic. I can only function at fractal capacity in this dimension, lest we want to fry the egg-noggin’ again. Can this be good enough, my friend? I hope you can accept me, as limited and flawed I am.

I do not know of any grand masterpiece conspiracy. I am a terrible chess “strategist,” they called me al-qaeda kim, rememeber? Because I know the slim probability I will win, so I instead play to not lose.

-Meep! Tangent! Go back in the circle little threads of my mind.

Capitalists, and snake-oil merchants. We are all scrambling like mad-hatters to make better than ourselves despite what you may have heard. This is what society does, it cycles and flows through the checkpoints and processes.

We (I, me, I can only truly speak for myself, but I assume that my voice speaks for more than just my 1) are just doing what we have always done. We are trying to do the best with what we have been given and shown.

Bad things happen, and there are malevolent dickheads and sphincter-faces out there. But their mad-dash scramble for dominance doesn’t necessarily mean they are affiliated or on cahoots to fuck you. It’s very likely that there are just a shit ton of smeg-heads all vying for power, and to get you to look and see the chaos they wreak should cause just enough confusion and doubt in your own minds – hopefully give them enough time to dazzle and save you just in time?

For the low, low price of $39.99. Great scot! Marty, they’re so benevolent, they’re giving me a discount even though we’ve never met. How’d they know what I thought I needed? Here, take my money, stranger psychic lady, I certainly don’t need it. You just do all the thinking and I’ll just pay you for psychic protection, rightio? Subscribe to claim your place in heaven. This email list will assure your accession to ascension.

Australiens are the first to know what you don’t know you need to know. 2001.

Something for Kate – Three Dimensions

You’re not the first to think that everything has been thought before / I spoke to an echo and he said “I’m not satisfied I want something more” / ‘Cause I am bored with three dimensions / I’m in love with three dimensions / And if I listen to the seconds / Reminds me of echolalia / What now, fragments are found / In the mess and in the sound

You’re not the first to think.

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