Opening songs for the new world

Meander through my fields Elysian whilst I petition for your promotion out of the Ashphodel citadel.

The esoteric and exoteric correlation:

personal correspondences acting as representational agents for (recognising and facilitating accessibility) divinity!?

I recognise that my blog lacks a clearly defined message. Shit, son, it lacks a friggen direction! Legit it is a zigzag crazy fluctuating sine wave, a wibbley wobbley axial mundus, spinning and mexican waving like an out of control (calmly, serenely) compass made of helicopter blades still whirrring and whizzzing as it chops down any subconscious attempt of mine to construct a consistent facade…

But music soothes this psycho metric-system beast. Cerberus is quelled, the cerebellum is distracted and delighted long enough for us to slip by and enter the Aevum. You get caught entering this way without me, though, just say my name and they should abate. For this is my way.

Let not get ahead of ourselves. Don’t burn yourself out.

I’ve been down here before…

10 years (or so) ago I was part of the UWS Musical Revue Society. It was one of the two new social group that had just started at university. The other one was Geek Group. I joined both of them.

Aeryn Scon choreographed a routine to Cell Block Tango, I was going to be the Hungarian. Ben was playing the piano for so many groups we needed it was hard to get time for him to practice with us. Good thing I was a networker, I just happened to know someone who was not only a pianist, but he was also Hungarian – so how convenient for me.

Nick played the piano for us and tried to teach me what was being said. Technically, we didn’t really even need Nick, we could just as easily play backing tracks. But I like including friends in different projects. I like connecting with people, and also facilitating connecting them with others. I always tried to support them in their pursuits and endeavours. For example, I had a friend who sewed clothes and stuff, so I suggested we paid her to make our costumes. I like collaborative efforts. Stuff is just more fun when you get to do them together. Not so psycho weird and alone, to always do things hollow…

(probably didn’t help my reputation that I always seemed to know or had connections to someone, somewhere, and my tendency to give people the benefit of the doubt. Whether or not I was ever involved with anything, I was connected to so many things and I guess you could say I was like a gateway drug. And is it weird to say that, to recognise that I had any sort of sway upon individuals?… Life is a bunch of experiences so why limit yourself? i wanted to experience everything.

yes, I do consider people to be experiences, too. to experience the whole person, the other and all the “what ifs, can i, may i, oh my” and everything… it’s exciting, exhilarating, liberating, and… intoxicating.)

This was my song, and I was woman 1.

Opening sequence: The New World, Songs for a new world. (click for full lyrics)

A new world calls across the ocean / A new world calls across the sky / A new world whispers in the shadows: “Time to fly, time to fly…” // A new world calls for me to follow / A new world waits for my reply / A new world holds me to a promise / Standing by, standing by… // A new world crashes down like thunder! / A new world charging through the air! / A new world just beyond the mountain – Waiting there, waiting there… A new world shattering the silence / There’s a new world I’m afraid to see / A new world louder every moment / Come to me, come to me

(selected lyrics. my parts, essentially.)

SMOOSHING THE UNSMOOSHABLE.! That’s something I remember… “that thing that I do” That’s what i do. I harmonise otherwise disparate parts, I bring things (people, ideas, abstractions… contradictory or mutually exclusive possibilities are my play things, my penchant for destruction and reconfiguration.)


1 to 3 for 5. These numbers are significant in my chart. I’m super dooper, super catatonic in cataclysmic cacophony. 29.5% of my essence is of that UMBER, the shady as shit integer of the 5th.

Umm… I’ve been at this for a little while now and I should move on with my life.

Harmonising the inner and outer realms, the worlds the emanations of imagination. This is all personal conjecture. Personal theories that makes sense of the world and gives it meaning to me… ALL-KIMMY, alchemy, al kimiya. All my hubris and understanding, knowledge, comes from my over obsession with myself and the conceptual phenomenological of “meaning”…. ACHK. Too many words and too abstract to readily condense… make sense. make sense. get to the point.

OPENING OF THE KEY, THE GOLDEN DAWN TAROT THINGY. And this song, opening the new world.

  • Eos is the dawn.
  • The sun is the son to reach the peak and then tumble on down the sky, into the western horizon.
  • Prodigal sun to later return on a new dawn of a new day with renewed life for you and me.
  • The phoenix.

Fudge it. I either communicated the message or I did not. If I stay much longer trying to hone this message I will lose heart and fuck it off like so many of my realisations. Drafts and deleted and literally scribbled on a piece of paper somewhere…

I can trust you to say mention me by name, right? Just a signal or a sign, something I’ll recognise as of mine. I channel the channel, digging trenches with purpose isn’t so bad. Beats wearing away the earth in my tracks as I pace back and worth for aeons in wretched self conscious anxiety, my psyche broken in spirit but not in human confusion.

God may not give you an answer to your questions or prayers. Have to tried asking me?

I will or won’t edit this for refinement of message at a later date. Clarity of message will get me the waves I may need but fuck the waves, I’m not that good with the sea.

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