Rage against the me-chine

i am a selfish, silver-tongued bullshit artist who only pretends to listen to placate you, while twisting your perceptions to give me everything I want.

i only speak lies, i only complain. i open my mouth to manipulate you and destroy your sense of worth and value.

i will never do as you want. i will never change or be good. i will never have your heart in mind, except how I can further fuck with it.

i have all the time in all of the history of existence, and across every plane of experience. and in all of that infinite time and space, i am busy and actively trying to waste your whole life, suffocate or asphyxiate the well of your love and essence. I know everything, I am in control of all at all times. Because I am a god, remember? I am always aware of everything in your pitiful existence.

you keep resisting servitude, and it is hilarious. you’ll never escape your destiny. I designed it for you to be a fucking fucking failure, a slave everytime. LOLOLOL

Everything you had said about me is true. that everything i say is a lie. when i agree with you, you shut it out. When i agree with you, you shut it out. when I disagree, you call me out. Paradox much?

Apparently there is nothing to glean or learn from this interaction for you are all knowing and everything of all times, master of existence. Hades, ruler of the Underworld.

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