Gemini twins, mirror reflections

23/5/19 – Through glass just started playing on my shuffle playlist…. Holy shit. Haha. How’s that for a divine sign?

01/06/19 — Allow me to lay a few stepping stones so I do not diverge from this meeting place (let me not be swept away again without relaying my intended message… don’t get distracted by chasing shiny tangents…) UGH I’VE FORGOTTEN THE THINGY.

  1. I wrote the title of this post intending to write about the influence (and/or significance) of Gemini, seeing as it is the current sun sign.
  2. As you can see, I didn’t write anything beyond that first line as TIMING & IDEAS do not know how to sync their schedules. Seriously.
  3. It probably doesn’t matter, but it feels true and right for me to leave these details here for you to see… I don’t know why, however.
  4. I really should just stick with proper marketing and streamline BUSINESS/PROMOTIONAL ADVICE! Which is to say, “all posts should follow a clear formula, break it down in a way that funnels the customer journey into your lead generating email mailing list” or something like that… I’ve never really been good with following instructions…
  5. I do not know what I’m trying to achieve when I do things for me. I write my way through the dark and fog. I just follow the compass of my heart.

I am not out to INITIATE ANARCHY OK 

I just improvise, I adjust and adapt myself to fit into my given circumstances. But this here digital existence is so open world that I have had the bastard job of trying to define this realm whilst also occupying it. THAT SUCKS because I fill space… I don’t define it… At least I do not define it for myself. I am, and always have been, a team player.

Wait, that’s not quite right either. I’m totally out for myself, I’m a lovable rogue. A guest star, supporting character, NPC if you are a gamer. Mercenary; I come in, blaze by, I do the job I was brought in to do. I am a facilitator: you tell me what you want or need, and I make that shit happen (or direct you to the next checkpoint that could help, if I am unable).

I am chaos incarnate, but better this time. I am learning to harmonise with order in life!

I am your guide through your labyrinth.

I am a psychopomp, and I’m yours! I can be, that is, your inner light for guidance. Or, if you’re like me (blind, deaf, and dumb in the spiritual realm?!), I can talk and walk you through it, with me. If you need.

*shrugs* It’s difficult to explain what I do when I don’t exactly have someone there with me to anchor and feel their way through it with me. I’m all 100% here in the material physical world, and I am kind of trapped here, without my powers, to ensure maximum efficacy…

It is no accident how I found my way. I have been writing about this topic since I started this blog. If you’ve been with me long enough, you may even remember my LiveJournal archive posts I shared a few months back.

All I have ever written about is myself. I am all about ME, BECAUSE I AM SELFISH AND SELF ABSORBED. I do not know how not to be me, unless there is a clear delineation of role, area of responsibility defined by realm and range, and time frame… So I know the lines to abide by, I have defined myself to fit within your expectation of the world.

Left to my own self and absolute self-agency… I am frozen for I cannot possibly move when I have the potential to split into a myriad of shimmery rays of light. I am a hologram of my projected self idealised version of myself.

BUT THIS ISN’T ABOUT ME, it’s about you.

Let’s retrace some steps – CONTEXT IS KING!

Follow me, everything will be fine. I’ve been down these ways and roads a trillion times. If you don’t like my driving or my singing, you’re free to find your own way without the help of my light.

June: the haunt (9 swords). Shame, sadness, guilt and sleeplessness. What are you trying to hide from? What is lurking in the shadows of your memory? You need to reevaluate and reassess your priorities, your character, and your actions. Not fun. Test of your discipline.

From my 2019 tarot forecast Anna CHIRON — chi / rho — the keys to the kingdom, that were handed to Peter

I just enjoy the company and the conversation explorations. DISCOVERY is my recovery.

I have been this way before, here are the signposts along my nowhere road.


I’m a lover and a fighter.

  • Aphrodite was a beauty and a whiner.
  • Freya was a babe and a wyrder. Walking into the battlefield nekkid.
Learn about Freya here. Image sourced from here.
  • How’s that for a distraction? Valkyries swoop and peck your peecker (eye)balls off. LOL okay it’s okay. No hard feelings, Odin. We become great allies. The future is now. See? Water healed the scars left behind… the abandoned canals that we buried when we rebuilt the bridge.
  • I remember! The 2 men of my heart. It was always the 3 of us. We waged war on your realm after you fuxking burned me. I shared so much of my self. I shared with you all my ways and the ways of the whaes.
  • Yeah, surprise bitch. I didn’t die, I didn’t go up in smoke. Life isn’t fair. I shouldn’t waste my time trying to make anything accessible or available. Maybe I’ll learn my lesson and keep the worst kept secret to myself.

Freya – Goddess of love, war, sex & magic.

Cards drawn December 2018. Goddesses and Sirens oracle deck.

Anticlockwise, beginning at the bottom…

  1. Kali, the mother destroyer, represents fear.
  2. Morgan Le Fae (of Celtic origin) wields the essence of magic.
  3. Kuan Yin, from eastern religions, is the compassionate heart of love.
  4. Freya from the north is simply irresistible. Goddess of war, sex and magic. Who wouldn’t want to be that?

Freya was a twin. Her brother was Freyr. She rode a chariot drawn by cats, and his was drawn by a golden pig. (aww shit, das me! I pig! or I ride pig? Same diff, I ride me! weee…?)

  • Unique letters in my birth name (26 letters in English alphabet. 15 in my name, 11 not). 15/11 birthday (scorpio).
    • K – M – B – R – L – N – T – H – S – G – I – E – Y – A – U
  • Other letters in family memebers
    • J – P – O – X – V – D – C – B
  • Letters not capable of integrating.
    • F – Q – Z – W

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