MKULTRA cool counter classic, courtesy of K(me)

I think I am being funny and clever in my headings, but I know it doesn’t serve my agenda (to get people to conform to the red bloods, the bell hops, whatever basic and beautiful and benevolent being you are)

I know how to do a thing, but I SUCK at maintaining momentum, being consistent. The scales of Libra are in constant movement, flux and weighing up options and all possible judgments.

I find writing in dot points best serves me in trying to keep to the subject, words just send me in circles.

I am Qualified, Tertiary-wise

I am a Master of Teaching. I have the certification to prove it. I chose secondary teaching (as opposed to primary, early childhood or adult education) because I never really grew up anyway (bratty teen scream drama queen), and I’m trained in English, text and writing because “what the hell, we live in an English speaking country. There’s bound to be work.”

False. There is no work. I’ve been teaching for 5 years and have spent 1.5 of them in an English faculty… There is work for MATHS, SCIENCE OR TAS trained teachers. Damn, if I had known that I would have chosen maths.

Institutional rebel lion

I like to imbue “alternative perspectives” in my teaching practice. I enjoy sharing alternative viewpoints and attempting to get the students to consider “what if…?”

  • last year, for my disengaged students in engineering or timber industrial technologies, I liked to talk to them about their interests and stuff to get a gauge of what would motivate them.
    • Mason was ready to leave school. He was a bit of a jerk and I called him out on it. He didn’t see the point of being given choices if he didn’t get what he chose anyway (subject selection). This year he’s really turned a new leaf and is awesome to say hello to and catch up occasionally between classes. I don’t know how much I was responsible for helping him change his attitude, but I think talking to him might have helped him see that sometimes you just have to do what you’re supposed to do because that is your role in that time and place.
    • Anthony was interested in music and being a DJ. I showed him the cymatics youtube video to engage him with the wonder and possibilities in sound and engineering.
    • I had a year 9 class and they were learning about the white Australia immigration policy from history. So I deviated from the lesson plan and got them to create a propaganda poster promoting some ridiculously stupid or offensive idea – like the whole immigration thing, or what about joining a CULT?!
      • Yeah! A cult is just the beliefs and practices of a particular culture. Expounded and exploited to all heck, but a result of CULTURE nonetheless.
      • Because religion is just a whole big propaganda shitty thing, SELLING AN IDEA.

Take away dots points I want you to take

Here is a document I made that is a collection of 3 of my university assessments. They’re supposed to be high school English level tasks, like activities and whatever. I’m a massive hypocrite so they’re pretty lousy quality. (They were each kind of written in the couple of days leading up to each deadline…) I guess that’s why I never got more than a C for these.

MYKULTRAK? That’s a collection of 3 of my university assignments from 2013.

The Liminal Academy is a little document thingy I’ve (had the ideas and the sribblings for, but not really transcribed online…) put together of some of my conspiratorial esoteric smooshings. TruthScrambler linked it in his post, so why not I linky dink that too?

  • CCC. 333. 3 assignments each awarded C.
  • C is for Credit, it was good enough for me.
  • C is also for cookie, and I used to be known as the cookie monster when I was in high school.
  • CCC is also the logo of my work place (school).

Liberate the proletariat! Eviscerate the dictatorship!

The Living End – Prisoner of Society. Australia classic from 2000.

My LIMINAL ACADEMY DREAM is the educational system of my dreams. Help make that a reality.

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