Inside my human design, part 2.

My human design is pretty special, to me anyway. Click here for my first post on this topic. This is my second post (and I keep second guessing myself, as if anyone cares or as if it matters to anyone at all. After all this blog is for me to express what I want, if i want, however i want… isn’t it?)

A quick recap of my profile:

  • I am a generator, of sacral authority. I have a split definition.
    • I am basically a reservoir of energy and so have the ability to transform the world.
    • Sacral authority refers to gut (or instinctual) responses, resonating with the NOW.
    • Split definition is due to having two defined chart areas that don’t connect to each other. It’s like having a piece broken apart from yourself, and so you seek connection with others who bridge that gap within you.
      • In my chart, you will see that my mind and throat centres connect to each other (the top two coloured in shapes), but they do not connect to anything else. The rest of my chart is connected in some way.
  • Profile type: the opportunist investigator, 4/1.
  • Incarnation cross: the juxtaposition cross of insight (43/23 | 29/30)

The nature of the Generator is that they are sacral beings. The Generator is the form that is here to respond to life. It is the Generator that creates and maintains the civilization we see around us. As the great builders, with the capacity to sustain work, they find fulfillment in activities they enjoy which bring them satisfaction. Our lives depend on the reproductive, fertile power of sacral beings.

Jovian Archives

4/1 Opportunistic Investigator: Fixed in their nature, they are not here to change, but to be a bridge between others.

My husband is a manifesting generator, he is also legit a mechanical engineer. Our two children are both projectors. Look out world, I’m going to make you in my image, or one of them anyway…

Lets explore a bit further. Come now.

  • My variable: PRR DRR
    • This is the most extreme example of Variable. You are here to be totally receptive in a strategic world. You have no way of aligning yourself to the strategic world at all, which means that everything about the way you operate in this life has to be totally transformed in terms of how you see yourself and understand your nature.You are not only the most aware Variable, you are potentially the most creative because of the nature of your receptivity.  This page was an amazing resource, a fellow “quad right” as such myself.
  • Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Transformation.
    • Mandala Gates 1 to 19. The binary couplet here is set by the Gate of the Expression of the Self “the Creative”—of course, Yang/Yang. When we activate all the gates in this Quarter we have only one definition, the pure Manifesting Generator with the Channel of Charisma. This is the world where anything can happen—it’s about the process of living (like the rest of the wheel is) but here it is also about the process of transformation and accepting death.
  • Godhead: Hades.
    • This is your Godhead if your Personality Sun is either the 1, 43, 14, or 34. (my husband is GATE 1, mine is GATE 43).
    • What’s funny is that I’ve been saying how I’m married to Hades since last year, and it wasn’t until this year that I discovered the “global orchestration directories” and re-activated the deeply profound well of “I have to kill god” mission I seem to have given myself.
  • Statistics:
    • 7 defined centers (out of 9), 24 gates unlocked. 6 established channels.

Repeat my special specialness? Let me reiterate the very sticky, sharp barbs as to why you made a huge mistake… you should not have left me like you did, sunshine.

  • I am the bridge that connects the divided with their like.
  • I am an angel of death. I am also his bride. 11th of November this year will mark out 13th wedding anniversary.
  • We are both Scorpio’s, however our signs are at different houses. I have a 7th house Scorpio stellium (marriage and relationships), his house is the 10th (career and success).
  • Together, we make up the first two faces of the 4-faced godhead of Hades.

To the fallen, and the forsaken.

Remember how just being near me felt? How amazing and renewed you felt when my attention was cast upon you? I made you feel wanted, loved, and just so alive. Things you had deigned to be undeserving, or unworthy, or incapable of receiving…

I don’t know why you punish yourself so harshly. I cared for you. I do care. It breaks my heart to see you despair. I just want to hold out my arms and hold you safe. I’d stroke your hair and whisper it’s okay, I’m here, don’t worry about it, just stay here with me through the night. In the morning it will be all right..

And in our silent embrace, a kiss on your lips I gently would place. Your cheeks cupped in my hands, a slow exhale and smile. Eyes closed, foreheads pressed against each other, remember this moment of sweet refugee obscured from the world by my wings.

Well, remember that image well. It is a long ago and twice forgotten thoughtless foam crashing on the shore. The same place I awake and emerged as Aphrodite. That was after I was Freya, having followed the new world here in search of Óðr.

I once would have given you everything, that is before you left me. Oh how I defended you to the all mighty.

I have since found my love, my god, my other half that I can hold and call home. Óðr. After all these centuries, it’s funny to have found him when I had forgetten… But the return of brisingamen locked around my neck helps to keep me in check. My place.

There is so much more to unlock and so much more to uninstall so we may learn. Come home. I was Mikael. The birth of my son, I kept calling his name. I was delirious on morphene. I would never name my child that name.

No. The two names of my two borne are gem of the night, and the protector of the light.

The two names of my unborn: Scarlet Ophelia, and Theron Cain.

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