What’s in a name? Plenty of potential

I am obsessed with names. They often precede oneself as such with recognition and reputations. Names are nouns, identifiers for people, places and things.

I am a person, I am a place, I am a thing.

I am all 3 of these in one unified whole. But I am also none of these things, for I am just as I am, with or without any name you may think or dream of to call me.

But ever my narcissistic and egocentric ways, I will lay down before you pieces of my name, broken apart here for you to study and see. I wonder if you will see what I mean, or will you see a fantasy..?

There are 15 unique letters in my name, 19 in total on my birth certificate.

When I got married I changed my name. I left behind the name of my father and took on the name of my husband. This was a conscious and willful decision, not because of tradition.

There are 10 unique letters in my name on my marriage certificate, and 15 letters in total.

Interesting how things come full circle. The recurrence of specific numbers and names, letters and likenesses… The synchronicity of life in harmony. The chaos so many people fight against is what breeds magic and wonder.

I am chaos, I just wanted there to be more than the same old everything that had come before… resonance, discord, off-kilter, alter-native.

Take my hands, my left and my right. And we stand together to face the light.

We 3, we’re not alone despite what it may seem. My echo, my shadow, and me.

How shall we shatter my name and reveal the essence of my true face?

  • K – the soul
  • IM – made manifest
  • BER – carries
  • LYAN – inner strength
  • NTH – infinite
  • US – together
  • BE – exist
  • RGL – exalted star
  • AN – of mine
  • E – always

That’s one way of putting it.

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