Human Design 4/1 Profile

In human design, I am the 4/1 opportunist investigator type.

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In your human design chart, your type is determined by the top row of boxes. The right hand side is black and that is your personality. The left hand side is red and that is your design. You can see on my profile that I have 43.4 on the right, and 29.1 on the left. You may remember I’ve referred to myself as the keeper of gate 43. That’s essentially because of this. The number after the dot point tells you what line (like a train line, or a set frequency) this operates under. Therefore, 4/1.

The following information was copied and pasted from The Alchemy of Holism.

The fourth line, as a result, linked with the first line at the unconscious level, is inherently unstable and extremely rigid. It is so fixed that it can break. The 4/1 as a profile is neither this nor that. It is not truly lower trigram in the sense that it is only self involved, and it is not truly transpersonal. Its quality is to be deeply fixed. The 4/1 is not statistically abundant as a segment of the population. Most people are not here to be as fixed as the 4/1 profiles.

If we can look at the first three lines as having to do with personal destiny, and the fifth and sixth lines as having to do with transpersonal karma, our interaction and fulfillment through the other, then the 4/1 as a profile has a fixed fate. It is not personal nor transpersonal. Out of all the profiles, it is the one the most suits the image of a train fixed by the tracks that it sits on.

Its work in this life is to transmit the true essence of the hexagram, through its ability, through its fourth line personality of being able to interact with others. In a way, one can look at the lower trigram as research and  development and the upper trigram as human resources and marketing. It is the 4/1 profile, that brings this fixed basis upon which human resources and marketing can be developed. This is the first profile harmony that we meet, meaning the 1 and 4 are in harmony.

The 4/1 profile may be a mirror in harmony, but in manifestation it is very different. The fourth line personality may waiver, but in the blood underneath is the authoritarian unmoved. The abdication is transformed into social techniques. You can tell the 4/1 profile anything you like, and given enough social pressure they will bend to the flow, but within themselves and once left alone, they will return to their fixed perspective since that is really what their body, or vehicle, is about. The 4/1 profile is unique in their fixedness. It is neither this nor that and carries as a result a singular geometry of fixed fate.

All things are moving in space. The nature of how the individual movement is choreographed into the dance of the totality, operates through three distinct geometries. Destiny, fate and karma. These common terms have been corrupted in their meanings. We have seen that destiny is a geometry of personal involvement, inward oriented. Karma is a transpersonal geometry, a geometry determined with and by the other. Both destiny and karma have many variations.

It is only through the 4/1 profile that we see the manifestation of a single variation of fate. In the 4/1 is the harmony of the two foundations of the lower and upper trigram. This is the opportunistic personality waiting for a chance to look inward, always checking the foundation, always ready in its ability to be able to commune with others, to be able to establish that foundation for them in their life.

Because it is so fixed it is the only profile that truly can be broken. Remember the train analogy: if you bend a 4/1 too much they will derail. And in being broken, like Humpty Dumpty, they aren’t able to put all the pieces back together again. The secret to the psychic survival of the 4/1 profile is the benefits derived from proper relationships.

The only way in which one can have correct relationships in one’s life is if one enters into those relationships correctly. One can only enter into those relationships correctly by honoring the mechanics of Type. It can appear that the 4/1 profile is a difficult role in this life, yet in fact they have a tremendous gift for being able to fill their lives with all kinds of people to whom they directly beneficial to those people by the strength of their fixedness.

So often we are deeply impressed by the conviction that the 4/1 expresses. When the 4/1 has always taken their opportunity to look inwards to make sure that the foundation is correct, if they enter into relationships, according to their Type they will be able to externalize the knowledge that they carry. This is fulfillment for them. The 4/1 personality is ready to accept that perhaps someone or something is right. They must do something about it only to discover the single pointed direction of their lives that cannot and will not bend. This is an archetype of purposeful friendliness. There is a deep unconscious empathy for the other, but fatigue is also there in actual relationship.

The 4/1 is always under pressure to conform to the other but they cannot. This is a role of aloneness, holding fast to ones way despite the conditioning forces. The most powerful conditioning forces is invariably one’s lover. The bonding strategy of the 4/1 profile is to be the confidante or not, it is the key note of friendship as the pre-requisite to intimacy. It will depend on their type whether they will be the pursuer or the pursued, but the very fixedness of the 4/1 may preclude successful bonding.

This is a profile that gets around. The better to find its opportunities. This is the profile of the journey outward into the world and its glamour from the covetous dependency of shielded youth to the self-provider and potential benefactor of others. Eyes looking forward, witnessing the world without its makeup on. This is a world of harsh reality. Friendships become necessary armour and the basis of an education. The school of hard knocks. At the unconscious level, this profile is acutely aware of strength and weakness in themselves and others. It is the foundation of their security and purpose. They can smell weakness and as an opportunist can take full advantage of it.

At the heart of the 4/1 profile’s consciousness is the recognition of the inherent corruptibility of all things. In practice, they learn to fight their way through, no matter what it takes. They learn quite a few tricks along the way. It is the power of their fixed fate. Ready to bend, but never giving up. With this profile the world is explored and discovered.

I am a fiend for these profile thingys, because when I can be anybody and anything at all, who really am I without you to define me? Nobody, really. So… I must decide, who I am to be. In a world as varied and limited as this one, where do I begin?

Within. You build the foundations to yourself in your world by retreating within to cultivate your own garden… things grow in the darkness before they come out into the light. The planting of a seed to reveal the fruit you will reap.

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