I am the antichrist, and I believe in me.

A tonic reprisal of some very important core pillars that I crystalised for some imminent spiritual, global crusade. How I awakened without any of the “established” means of detoxification.

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Manifest myself, through the power of my one true name.

Kalliope Anunnaki Tirthankara Libera (this is not it. I only have 2 syllables)

Kore Perspectiv-one is just your irregular Australian bored of anarchy, so damn pumped up on hubris and ego, she founded her own universe-city school called the Liminal Academy. There, in the future, she remembers these days the most fun she can’t even remember, the times she gallivanted around the interwebs, fulfilling the role of the Antichrist of the millennium‘s coming of age in it’s dark night of the sole.

Head Honcho presents to you a song with a message, to prepare you for your awakened destination.

Dead Letter Circus – The Armour You Own.

Core Principles of the new Khrist (me)

  1. Jesus died for your sins, you may as well make it worth his time.
  2. Pleasure is good, you don’t have to be a martyr for it.
  3. Sex is natural and normal. It is powerful because it can be used to control people.
    • Any addiction can be used as a means of control.
  4. No matter what you do, be informed! Arm yourself with information and knowledge. Otherwise you just look like a dickhead or arsehole.
  5. One mistake shouldn’t hold you back from trying again.
  6. Have context! Know what you’re talking about before you make judgements.
    • If you’re in an argument, at least make sure you are both arguing about the same thing. Most of the time it’s poor communication.
    • You don’t know everything, you never will, who cares. Perspective.
  7. There’s no escaping life and death. It is a perpetual cycle. Stop being such a sooky baby. Everything is inevitable.
  8. Know yourself. Trust yourself. You are you. A complex creature, you are more than the sum of all of your parts
    • You are more than your mind, your intellect, your heart, your soul, your body.
    • You aren’t just what you do, what you like, how you act.
      • Are you only an electrical impulse, inside a brain, inside a skull, inside a meat suit?
      • Are you only a soul, inside a heart, inside a rib cage, inside that same meat suit?
      • Are you only a physical body, a mass of cells, a mass of flesh and gore, an animal motivated by survival and continuation of the species?
  9. Free your mind. What are you afraid of? What’s important to you?

Descend to Ascend

All this “Christ-consciousness” shit? I’m all for ascension and love and freedom and choice. However, I’m sick of power plays and deception and “hiding the truth for the benefit of mankind.” Fuck that.

In order to change the way people look at or think of stuff, I need to get rid of Christ. Kill god. People are god. They need to know that you, all of you, any of you, nobody specifically, you universally – we’re all god. Get over it. Stop fucking each other up over nothing.

Science and CONSCIENCE. Physics and METAPHYSICS. Fucking hell. Legitimise magic and metaphysics. Balance, there has to be balance. You’re all fucking right and wrong at the same fucking time.

Realise the power of names

I’ve been called a bunch of different names. The ones I got offended by I learned to own it, so they couldn’t hurt me with their bullshit. Wanna hear some names?

  • slut (during high school, because I enjoyed sex)
  • junkie (in high school, because I had experimented with some substances)
  • fatso (by my mum and her friend because I gained weight and was now a whopping 52 kg)
  • cheeseburger cheeks (in primary school, even though I was skinny, I had chubby cheeks)
  • devil child (in kindy, a lady put her hand on the head and commented on the shape of my skull)
  • ungoy (given by a friend, it means monkey, but he teased me with it because I didn’t like it sounded like ugly)
  • angel of death (my favourite of all the names, first said by J in 2007.)

SCIENCE: SEMIOTICS, the study of signs.

This is just simple semiotics. That’s all I did. For background information you can click here, here, or here.

Personal seal of approval, my magician and metaphysical sign.
Spinny McKimmy

Design of a universally understood symbol to represent me.

  • Design brief: create a visual representation to explain why I’m so fucking complicated to understand. Visuals make simplify concepts as you can trace someone’s train of thought.
  • Parameters: Has to be able to be universally applied. Avoid stuff that is obvious to interpretation to encourage creativity of thought, reading things intuitively and symbolically.
    • No people, transcend language barriers, transcend age gaps.
Toro, Zorro! Fun familiar.
  • You’ll have to use your imagination for this to make sense. Humour me.
  • You’ll have to imagine this shitty 2-dimensional image is supposed to be 4 dimensional. Or just 3 dimensional even.
    • Think of it as a sphere, not a circle, and you are in the centre.
    • To put it into a “real world scenario”,
      • think of it as you’re in a zorb ball, and so are other people.
      • Or that you’re playing a game of marbles or something.

Because for me, nothing is ever simple, the visual rep had to be something as interchangeable as me.

Did you like what you read? Are you strong enough to carry the weight of your soul? Consider becoming a Kimion, and I’ll glorify you in own mirrored hall of memories.

Contact me for a tarot consultation. I am your local connection to awakening your own spiritual luminescence. Path to divinity is accessible through me.

24 thoughts on “I am the antichrist, and I believe in me.

  1. I love that you put this together. So many people have hidden agendas and ulterior motives and here you are, all like “Hey mother fuckers. I’m the Antichrist you’ve been dreading coming to be. Ain’t no mystery about what is me. Take a look and you will see. All my parts add up to glee!” lol Can you tell it’s early and I’m low on sleep. 🙂

    Anyways, I am loving your Core Principles. I find myself wonderfully in alignment with them. I have 10 Commitments that were developed through my Vessel. You could check them out at https://exploringalura.wordpress.com/2019/03/05/my-ten-commitments/.

    My Parallels to Your Core Principles:

    1. Jesus Should Not Have Died For You, You Better Be Damn Grateful. Be thankful that such a great guy was willing to give up his immortality so you could tell the story that you are worthy of Salvation. Guess what? Until you start choosing to act better, you ain’t worthy of Salvation. And Christ didn’t die for you to be an asshole. Stop making excuses for your pitiful behavior and get on with the business of doing what’s right so you don’t need some dead guy hanging on a cross, repeatedly cleansing you of the bad choices you repeatedly decide to make.

    2. It’s GOOD to feel Good. It’s Bad to make another feel Bad. So why the fuck are you in the business of telling people that it was the ultimate Good to hang a Saint on a Cross all that so a bunch of sinful and dark mother fuckers could see the light of Heaven. No bitches, you don’t get to see Heaven unless you start acting Heavenly. Heaven ain’t full of assholes, it’s full of holy happiness and healthy harmony. Assholes don’t run on the same frequency. So until your frequency stops clashing with others, know that you aren’t feeling as good as you could. Stop doing bad things and you’ll stop feeling bad. Start doing good things and you will feel good. It’s easy. Making excuses for bad behavior makes you think it’s hard to do the Right thing. Truth is, you are making it hard by making excuses. Get over yourself and get on with feeling good by being good. Ain’t nobody felt good about being a jerk because there’s no truthful goodness residing in one who could hurt another. Feel better by being better.

    3. Sex is a fucking awesome Act. But what is not natural is the neglect and abuse that children who are brought forth from this blessed act have to endure for the sake of selfishness on the parts of their parents. Sex should be shared freely and appreciated deeply. As should the possibility of what comes from connecting so wholly with another person. And if you cannot appreciate what can come from truthful connection, don’t fucking get your rocks off. Save that shit for a napkin because ain’t nobody want your dna in the next generation when you can’t do the service of protecting yourself from something you don’t want to give yourself to helping honestly. Don’t like children. Don’t fucking cum dickhead. That’s where babies are made. Don’t want a baby, don’t fucking let a dick go in the hole. Any excuse why sex is excusable when a baby is desired is completely selfish. Get over yourself and start acting in the best interest of the world, not just your nimbly bits.

    4. Know what you want to Say before you Say It. When you just run your mouth off the cuff, you look less than your best. Because the truth is that your best is giving thought and consideration before doing the act of speaking. If not thought or consideration has been put into the message being shared, why exactly is it the message is worth being heard? Because you wanted to say it? Because you felt it needed said? Who cares what you feel when what you feel could be upsetting to another? If you can’t feel enough to know what you’re talking about, don’t expect another to care enough to listen to your waste of wind words.

    5. The only difference between the Master and the Beginner is the Master has failed more times than the Beginner has ever tried. You can’t get better if you don’t first learn from your mistakes. Mistakes aren’t failure but rather opportunities for growth and exploration and betterment. Without a mistake, there is no way to know something wasn’t working. It is with the awareness of a problem that a problem can be fixed. So why feel bad about a problem unless you aren’t willing to do something about the problem?

    6. Judgments were made to be made by the Holy. Unless you can demonstrate your holiness, get off your high horse and stop making Judgements about others. Who do you think you are? God? Karma? Fate? Destiny? I mean what would make you think you are better than someone enough to know all the things that went into the decision that you are judging the person for and with enough clarity to be able to figure out how you could help them make better choices? Did the Universe give you a special gift to make others feel bad? Do you think that’s what the Universe is in the business of? Judging others? Or is that just what broken people do to make themselves feel better about being broken themselves? Judge you guilty so I don’t feel as guilty about being guilty myself. Misery loves company type bullshit right there.

    7. Every beginning has an ending. There is no need to fear that which happens to each member of Existence. The only reason to fear is when you haven’t done your best to be your best. For the Universe gives back that which you put out. And so if you’ve spent your life cultivating negativity and hurting others with it, the Ending for you is likely to be something dark and difficult. Because while you had your time to imprint Existence, you made the choice to make others feel less than they should. And so now in your Ending you will know the vast depth of difference existing between how good you could have felt in the Ending versus how bad you should feel for the life you led. Want a better ending? Be a better person.

    8. Body. Mind. Soul. Heart. Everyone. All. Everything. Freedom. Know the parts that make you who you are. Understand the depth that you Exist within. Explore the vastness of who you could be. The Body connects you with Everyone The Mind Connects you with All that You Know. The Soul is the Essence Connected to Everything You See About Yourself. Heart is connected to the Freedom your being cries out for. In finding balance and harmony between everyone and everything, peace and happiness can be felt in return. Find parallels between the body and the soul and the spirit and heart will be whole.

    9. Be true to who you know yourself to be. Don’t give the power of your mind over to another to influence. There will only ever be one you. Do your best to be the best living example of who you could have been. So when history remembers your name, you will be held in the highest regard. For no matter the circumstance, you held true to the being that was you. The only thing that is asked of you.

    That’s a lot of words and I’m only at the beginning of your post.


    1. hahaha, i love it. It’s like good angel, bad angel. haha. I also have graphics for my 10 rules, which are different to my 9 principles. lol i’ll read your thingy and then put my graphics up. maybe i need to raise my cok from the dead? NECROMANTIC that’s love there, ahahaha. btw, my cok is my cult of kim, modeled after every other cult of personality. but i’m not a dictator, just a dickish-potato. hah.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ahahaha Dickish-potato Makes me think of Mrs. Potato-head. Which is already in my opinion far better than the common DickHead.

        I’d love to see your rules. I’m really enjoying exploring the synchronicity existing between us. It so nice to feel so heard and understood by another.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. you know who or what else is a dickhead? a unicorn. omg… my fuckunicorn! that was what helped me connect the rainbow with the bifrost. the rainbow connection is the heart to heart xoxox


      3. I appreciate Unicorns for the Magical Wonder they are and the Beings of Purity they’re represented to be.

        In my mind, Unicorns are the most wonderful men existing in the world. They are the men that found a way to be soft and gentle in a world trying to make all boy into “MEN”. “Those” kind of men. Bleh.


      4. i love men, and i am all about all humanity. and i am a pegasister, who doesn’t love a little playful rivalry between members of our saddle club. husbandry, groomsmen, ride my pony. lol


      5. I am sincerely loving the person you are showing yourself to be through your words. They just make me happy to read. My heart radiates with joy and my soul shines with connection – it is such a blessed experience to witness you existing.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Haha thanks? Extrovert, so classic energy vampire here. I talk and spin shit into gold, but if gold meant anything, had any real value or worth, I’d be fuxking rich as king shit over there. The supposed king of the world. *slow mo frolic through the meadow of tulips, my beaded hair swishing like bo derek*


      7. King of the World to go with the Fairest Queen of the World. Fairest meaning just. For the King is the Fairest of ALL, and that is the most beautiful thing ever.


      8. I have this whole Jesus and Jewsus combo going in my head. Jesus helps without question. Jewsus will help but he’s going to have some questions first. Jesus died on a cross for your Salvation. Jewsus Saves but is looking to avoid another Cross situation.

        Jesus came first. Jewsus only came because Jesus didn’t get the job done.

        Jesus Comforts and Heals. Jewsus Pokes and Points Out where you’re Wrong.

        They have a fun dynamic going on. I like to see how it manifests.

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      9. hahaha, oh no no no. no jews, only jewels in this realm. in my head. i’m familiar, not sinister so i only so half-hybrid-cross-breed-mash-up-smooshings. Jew-ish, maybe, hahahaha. or John Saffran.
        but as jesus’ sister, doing shit my way. but boys never really listen now, do they. lol

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Jesus was for the World. Jewsus is for those fuckers that still won’t do the right thing even though they already know the way.


        That’s Jewsus for you. He’s deadly serious about saving the world and he’s anti-semantic (not semitic). He doesn’t care about the details that excuse your bad behavior. He cares about your motivation for making bad choices. He will coldly disregard your excuses and bluntly show you the deceitful illusion you live behind to enable such bad choices.

        Jesus felt good in his presence. Jewsus makes you feel uncomfortable because you know you should be better when he’s around.

        Liked by 1 person

      11. J.Zeus and I stole daddy’s ride, Uncle Kevali programmed the heavens gate garage remote to respond only to me. My J.Dawg has got the guns, and K.Kaht steers the wheel. Its a hunting season so we’re sniping their veils to give them visions.

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Who knows? Ive written many things. I write a thing and then move on to something wlse. I really want to write something useful though. But im just all “flash boom clap twitch crunch fwop” onomatopoeia and verbal warbulations, disjointed thingys that hold no real substance. I am the muse, not the maker, ive always sucked at manifestation. I generate energy and ideas for others to feast like a buffet. Breakfast buffet, because those are my favourites.


      13. I was thinking about this comment while I prepared my Calming Coffee Concoction. And I was drawn to the parallel between you writing and the writings of my past manic moments. For quite awhile, most of my stuff only made sense to me.

        What I am learning the more I beginning to understand the process of divining information from the Spirit world is that the message comes in through the heart. If the heart is broken, the message gets shattered distorted. After the message comes in via the heart, the Soul begins to process feelings about the Heart’s message. From there the Spirit begins translating understanding of what has been sent.

        The next step is taking what the spirit translated and turning it into something that the body can relate to, the body that is connected to Everyone. Therefore, the fourth step is taking that which fills your Vessel and converting it to be understood by all that are not you.

        Perhaps because your fourth element is out of balance you are unable to complete this process where you feel fulfilled by those words you are bringing to reality.

        It is interesting you feel you are the muse. I don’t feel I am the one making my thoughts or creating my words – I feel the Universe is inspiring the content of my thoughts and leading me to the words that need shared. It’s not me, it’s my Vessel helping give voice to the words The Universe needs spoken. The Universe comes through my Vessel to speak to the Entirety of Humanity.

        So I have to do the work to make what I take in something others can easily digest. Without doing the work for others, the writing remains a selfish venture that will be hard to get others interested in.


      14. I used to write about the body as my metaphor. I only know how to do while i am doing. Not really know what im doing before hand, only recognise it in the reflection. I dont kniw where im going but i know where ive been. That sort of thing.
        I thought i was going crazy paranoid last year because id write a thing and then the next day i saw my metaphors in everyone elses works. So the timing of everything.
        Im not allowed to not understand. I have to already know it, because i know so much shit why cant i know what people mean when they say something specific.
        As a teacher, i need the student so i can gauge where i need to go, what i need to emphasise or go over. I dont know how to predict without the object to which will be given the objective.


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