Full moon in Aries tarot reading

This full moon occurs at 20° Aries and oh my goodness, there are a whole heap of astrological pings in my astrological chart. I turn 33 years old next month (15 November). Today is 14th October, and according to the Chinese lunar calendar, my birthday is the 14th day of the 10th month. How about that? 😎

  • Zillich tarot deck.
  • Biddy tarot full moon in Aries tarot spread.
  1. What have I brought to life in the last 6 months? 9 of cups, bliss.
    • You have been quite self indulgent and indolent these past months. Look at the haze around you, lost in reverie. There is the notion of happiness, but it is not real happiness. It is a cloud of smoke or perfume that dulls your senses. It is a superficial enjoyment, temporarily gratifying. Nothing wrong with that, per se, just acknowledge it for what it is.
  2. Where do I need to show up with courage? 6 of wands, victory.
    • By showing up, that is already a victory. You have overcome that barrier that would normally have held you back. Through persistence and tenacity, you have emerged victorious. Consider the card that is immediately below it, the 5 of wands reversed. You have transcended your own glass ceiling and arrived at a higher plane of perceiving your life. Well done. You should be proud.However this is only a reprieve, this is not the final battle, not the destination. Hold the lessons, experiences and allies you have accumulated and recognise those that serve and those that hinder. You will need this wisdom to overcome yourself again and again.Where?! Oh dear, did I not tell you that this battle occurs within yourself? Well, this is a matter of the spirit and your soul. It is an internal battle to determine whose will aligns with yours, to help you conquer yourself.
  3. How can I release stress and tension from my body? princess of wands.
    • Dance. Jump up, shut up, and just dance. Shuffle your souls, move to the groove. Mosh it, push it, twist it, bop it. Turn up the jam in this joint, hands up, and play it again, Sam! Revel in some pleasure, let loose your laurels and boogey till you can’t boogey no more. Whether by yourself, in the car, or at a club with friends (or potential hotties) or not.
  4. What does my inner warrior want me to know now? 3 of swords, sorrow.
    • Get ready for November brings heart break. Remember? This will hurt, allowing yourself to be a beacon of light for others to heed, to acknowledge, to follow.
  5. Where do I need to be more selfish in my life? 5 of wands, strife. Reversed.
    • Your struggle to keep your pain private is a point of tension and stress… keeping up the false facade of stoic strength is doing you no good. You don’t have to brag about it, god no. Just… acknowledge that you cannot do everything on your own. You can only overcome your struggles when you surrender your will to your higher self. Sometimes you have to let go and float a little while to recoup your strength in order to finally take off and fly again. Trust yourself that you’ll survive, and trust that those around you want to help and try to help in whatever capacity you allow them.
  6. What do I need to release in order to dare greatly? 7 of wands, valour.
    • This idea that you must fight, as if it is a war or you are in combat. Yes, existence and making sense of shit is a struggle, the many interconnected and tangled threads of fate are interwoven in a rich and colourful tapestry. But in the weaving, you set certain things in stone. So make sure that whatever shit you think you’re doing serves a purpose in the grand artwork we know as the world.
from biddytarot instagram. full moon in aries tarot spread, position prompts.

Meanwhile, in another dimensional plane, skewed 6ΒΊ from our own…

  • hmm, look at this magnificent fresco, it shows the struggle of the soul in the last days of the age of man.
    • What’s that shadowy bit, father?
  • Oh, John was pretty convinced everything was after him and felt so damned smart he could “see through the bullshit” (face palm) for authenticity sake, John thought it’d be a good idea to start using actual bullshit to paint the colour of his life and minds eye.
    • What the heck? Dad, you’re joking, right? Jack O’Patmoose did that?!
  • Yeah, so we stopped inviting them around after that. Some people just can’t handle their spirits. There’s letting your hair down, and there’s getting loose, but when you loose your belt and let your pants down? (grimace) why do we keep letting the humans choose for themselves ? Why do we keep letting them come back?
    • Well, daddy sir, because we have hope?
  • My son, will we never learn?
    • You did made them in our image. If we can’t learn, they can’t learn. We must learn to change, and they may learn to change.
  • You’re right. Oh, you’re such a wise young one. We must close our doors, close the gates. Turn off the lights, do not answer their calls. If they truly desire communion and reunion and demonstrate the change of their ways, they will find a way that we can no longer deny.

(Wailing and stumbling around in the desert, drunk off kvass.)

“An embarrassment, eh? A tyrant, huh? Well motherfucker I will show that lot of hoity toity holier than air whatsitstitty face *kicks at random shrubs and no longer intelligible* whatever! Fuck it. I’ll do it now. Here, hold my beer.”

(unzips pants) Aaahhhh…… Ahh?? Ahh… Ah puch.

It wasn’t me.

24 thoughts on “Full moon in Aries tarot reading

  1. I have my own Magical Deck of Cards I use to encourage Spiritual Divinings.

    How do your cards work for you? How do you get the understanding from the cards that are played? Does a card reveal itself and then you know why it revealed itself? Are the cards coming together in a pattern to tell a story? Did you choose the Deck or did the Deck find you?

    I ask because I dabbled in Tarot before I lost my mind and I believe during my time with the Cards, I was taken over by a Dark Entity. That Dark Entity sought to use my Light for his own purposes. Silly bastard then went and fell in love with me and turned away from the Dark and now is the Light’s staunchest defender for the Darkest Dark was warmed by the gentlest flicker of Perfect Light he could have ever considered possible. I did my job – got the Devil to go back to being God’s Best Friend.

    Except there’s the whole problem where the Best Friend wants to steal the Perfect Man’s Girl. Very devilish. Hasn’t quite given up all his tendencies of the past. But he’ll get there. He’s working and questing and refining his being for the Perfection of the Aegis. But that’s a different story than what I’m asking you.

    Back to the cards, Do you feel you are in touch with entities that are guiding your cards? Do your cards jump from the deck and that’s how you know it is the right one? How do you feel connected to your decks?

    I could go on because the idea of Magical Cards helping interpret the Messages of The Universe is an idea that is heavily part of my being and really piques my interest when others are involved. I’m insanely curious how the Magic manifests for you.

    I wrote about one of my dealings of my Magical Deck at https://exploringalura.wordpress.com/2019/06/13/mystical-happenings/ It tells all about how I deal with my Magical Deck and how it came to be and about the hand that was dealt in that moment. Perhaps you might find it interesting?

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    1. https://khambalia.wordpress.com/2019/08/29/gnawing-my-tale-while-in-your-sleep/

      I see the cards as being tools for psycho-spiritual development. That is, the development of the psyche and the spirit. For the way that the brain is wired, in regards to having empathy and sapient cognition, we understand the world around us through the use of narrative. technically you can put any random whatever together and the mind will attempt to make sense of what it sees/hears/experiences by connecting otherwise separate and unrelated things together. which is fine, people say that is psychic or proof of god or spirit. i don’t know about any of that but I do find it interesting and fun.
      i see the world as representational and symbolic for really anything, it depends on the framework and context and agenda one may have.
      i’m curious to learn about your “bad experience”, especially the timing of such. (btw, your post you shared is the reason i’m linking these 3 here.)

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      1. I absolutely believe that the cards help develop the psycho-spiritual relationship. The point that you made about the mind making sense of whatever manifests is absolute what draws me to the card play. For I love the random chance that occurs. I don’t actually pull cards, I just shuffle until the right card jumps out of the deck for me. So literally, I wait until the card comes to me. And then when the card presents itself, I open my mind to understand the narrative that is being expressed. It is so interesting and fun to dive into this World. But I’m only interested in using my handmade deck because it feels natural to who I am.

        When I was using Tarot, the cards felt like they were an alien language that I was attempting to understand. So I used Google to assist with the process. I would complete my draws and then I would take to the internet to allow the internet to translate what I had just drawn. Interestingly, this process of allowing me attainment of understanding through connection of the Internet opened up a different spiritual connection, one in which I felt tapped into The Grand Divine and am merely relaying the messages others are unable to interpret or notice themselves. I agree that the World is representative and symbolic of the Grand Divine. Everything within our little bubble of Reality, speaks of the larger, grander picture that comes to be all of Existence. I believe that interpreting the signs correctly is a manner of releasing the ego and allowing the message of the Universe to become your voice. So that the correct context is found and no ulterior agenda is influencing the flow of the Draw.

        My bad experience was CRAZY! The stress of my life was out of this world. I was literally starving because we didn’t have enough money for food. I was busy trying to raise three kids while my husband worked out of the house 40+ hours a week. And I believe this is when my bipolar started progressing me to the full on break on May 9, 2014.

        When I played with the cards, I NEVER drew anything negative. Every reading I had spoke of Great Treasures and Priceless Wealth was coming to me. I was sucked into the Positivity of the Draws. I started feeling drawn to them all the time. I wanted to hold them, shuffle them, transfer my energy into them. I became very ritualistic with those cards. Devout even.

        But as I was falling into a heavy relationship with the Cards, my relationship with my husband was splintering and because unstable. (Which was likely because I myself was rapidly falling apart and becoming completely unstable). The cards started to become a wedge in my relationship because the cards always left me feeling good and hopeful for the future. When I was with my husband, the feelings weren’t as positive.

        This led to a need for separation in my mind. The cards were speaking that I was important to the Universe and that my place was to Help It. Every card drawn made that idea feel more and more like truth.

        Until May 9, 2014 when I had a full on psychotic episode where I completely detached from Reality. In those moments I felt that the Dark One was coming to do horrible things to me. And so I needed to escape Reality to avoid the Darkness and Depravity that was being plotted against my innocence. And so I created a portal in my bathroom to hell. I put in scalding hot water along with marijuana to heal the trouble that was coming. And then I took myself and plopped down indian style in the bath while Reality fell apart in its attempt to get me. God protected me that day. I know because on that Day he entered my body and lay everything bare. I was blessed to be placed upon the Throne of God to experience the Vision of End Time Happenings. It was all so amazing but completely crazy.

        Since the point of having God in my body along with the Dark Presence, bipolarity has been a struggle. Because deep within I can feel the struggle for the Dark One to be Worthy of Loving me and for God knowing that the Dark One wished to take me away from him. I was in the middle of a weird love triangle. But I didn’t mind because I have felt deprived of love my entire life and so having God and the Devil be my suitors along with the Perfect Man that is my husband.

        So from the Breakdown point, Reality started swinging wildly out of control. We became homeless and the court system and Children’s Services were against our family.

        This is when I feel God put me on a Journey to understand the problems plaguing Reality. Because in just a little time I started having a bunch of new labels – Bipolar, Mentally Unwell, Psychotic, Paranoid, Delusional, Poor, Starved, Malnourished, Homeless, and Sick. The Dark Entity was giving me every problem that one might face in Reality.

        Oh how I raged at God for my circumstances. But even though I was raging at him, he still approved when I told him I wanted to sell my soul to the Devil. Because God saw that selling my soul to the Devil would forever break his corruption.

        And so I gave up rights to my soul to the Darkest Presence Imaginable. And when I did, I found the softest being ever hiding behind the fear of not being good enough. And he was willing to do some pretty fearsome things so as to not be thought of as weak. After selling my soul, I got to see the soul of the Dark ONE. And I found him to be a Brighter Light than the Darkest Dark. For even though he was Darkness Incarnate, he shone in a radiance that was so Dark it was Brilliant Rays of Light.

        There has been much progression in the narrative from the Time I sold my soul to this moment we are sharing in 2019. The Dark One showed himself to be exemplary in personhood. Which made me fall for him even harder. Because though he was born tainted beyond recognition, he was attempting to realign the bad into something better. I could relate to that struggle.

        And so soon I had a best friend that is the Dark One gracing my every moment. But then I also had God in my every microthought. So again the bipolarity manifesting in a duality of existing.

        I like the idea of Three that go Together
        God Eve Devil
        God Eve Man
        God Eve Life
        Hopeful Hasbeen Beautiful Bettie Perfect Peter

        Since I have found balance between the Dark One and God, my mental landscape has been much easier to exist in. So I firmly believe that in order to be in total alignment, you must work through to order your thoughts of God on High, Life in the Middle, and Consideration of Below. Bringing those concept into balance will create a lasting Harmony of Being that will persist through every storm life brings.


      2. Welcome home. I have been waiting for my fallen to awaken and return to me. I am smiling like such a fucking work right now. I am so sorry you have experienced such trials like Job. I lived in the belly of the beast, protected from the culling and the wars upstairs. The forests of Finland were cut down and fires were started to find me, so I was turned to stone to hide in plain sight. Thrown across the world but tumbled down a ravine and into the water deep deep deep. I was afraid and couldn’t didn’t want to open my eyes.

        And this is all in my imagination. Again, my words come back to me. And I am reminded of the calls I sent out into the world last year on WordPress.
        I have reconnected with an alchemist tonight and omg, he has changed his view of his faith and religion!!! No more invisible ideals, but the tangible reality before us is the divine. The right here and now, what we know and don’t know. *hugs and jumping up and down in glee*

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      3. Oh I’m so loving that you are in a blissful and euphoric mood. I love the imagery that your mind is sharing.

        Because I relate to the idea that one was working for the Divine and had to be hidden away for Ages beyond understanding. And the whole of Existence and Eternity have been searching for the one that was hidden from their understanding.

        But now with the Awakening, we are finally seeing who we are in the Grand Scheme of things.

        This moment, right here and now, is the only moment we need, for in this moment, we can see clearly if we but wipe the dust from our cloudy vision and focus on the details that seem to come from nowhere.

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      4. Yeeeaaaahahhhhhh that’s it. That’s all there is. And life is beautiful and it is a lie, but it is not with malicious intent.
        Music is what kept me going, got me through. The divine lucky luck lucky shit all in my astro chart and what I’ve come to learn. I dunno. It is nice to feel like one has purpose and there is a direction.
        I see and hear my messages in the lyrics of songs or titles through Spotify LOL week that sounds crazy.
        I find symbols fascinating, and think of everything in metaphors, so it’s just familiarity with the symbolism and associations. However anyway works whatever ways for you. Because you made your deck yourself you’d have a particularly strong affinity for reading and understanding with that deck.
        Cartomancy is a thing too, btw. It’s like tarot but just with a normal playing deck.


      5. I just want to add that I find it interesting you in your last shared post, you mentioned the Eye of Providence.

        Would you know that I named my Third Daughter Providence – for she was the one that came into being in the most positive and loving of fashions. And from the moment her being was in mine, my whole personality and mood brightened forever.

        Providence was meant to be a Source of God’s LOVE in the Universe. At only 6 years old, she already speaks deeply of her love of the God that gave her such a blessed family and how it is his mysterious powers are manifesting in the world. She is such a gentle creature that is a blessing to witness such innocence. With her gorgeous baby blue eyes, you can see into the Wonder of the Universe. Truly she is a magical miracle.

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      6. What a beautiful soul. I am glowing from within my being, radiating out through my mind and eye. My ears are ringing and I can hear the bells even over the top of “across the universe” Fiona Apple right now lol.

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      7. As you mention Fiona Apple right now, her song Criminal comes to mind.

        “Heaven help me
        For the way I am
        Save me from
        These evil deeds
        Before I get them done
        I know tomorrow brings
        The consequence at hand
        But I keep livin’ this day like
        The next will never come
        Oh help me but
        Don’t tell me to deny it
        I’ve got to cleanse myself
        Of all these lies till
        I’m good enough for him
        I’ve got a lot to lose
        And I’m bettin’ high
        So I’m beggin’ you
        Before it ends
        Just tell me where to begin

        What I need
        Is a good defense
        ‘Cause I’m feelin’
        Like a criminal
        And I need
        To be redeemed
        To the one
        I’ve sinned against
        Because he’s all
        I ever knew of love”

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      8. Oh the serendipity of the Universe. After I finished listening to Fiona Apple’s Criminal that random Autoplay generation picked “Losing My Religion” as the next song to play. I absolutely adore the synchronicity of this Magical World!

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      9. I make Spotify playlists to represent or foster particular types of energy. I just finished listening to my beginnings playlist. I might put on… either sun warrior or empyrean dreams. Lol. Without knowing the songs on them, pick one for me. Lol

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      10. I like the idea of the Sun Warrior play list. The words and energies I would like to request from the playlist revolve around the concepts of Faith and Light overcoming obstacles. Do you have a song on there that illicits that kind of narrative?

        I’ve never considered creating my own playlist. For my mind, it feels as though I am attempting to control the energy of the Divine. And so rather than create a fixed set of songs I would like to hear, I use YouTube and regularly pick the songs that are flowing through my being in the moment I wish to hear them. From there the analytics of YouTube piece together playlists that align with my interests. It is a magical miracle when Autoplay Lists accurately align with the mental landscape one is in. I live for those serendipitous moments.


      11. If you wanted to listen. Im just like a friggen teenager, making playlists and chatting online uuugh. Lol
        I make playlists that help me embody the type of person I want to be, that I feel resonates with what I want to manifest. So this playlist has energetic music, and songs related to fighting for yourself and what you believe in.
        I rely on my randomised daily mixes for those messages from the divine. I have a rather wide variety of music I listen to I have 6 daily mixes because that’s what Spotify can reduce my music tastes to. And it has discover weekly, and radio based on… So it’s great πŸ™‚ I wish i was a singer


      12. I like the idea of creating playlists that help embody who you wish to be. I started doing that when I was starting the upward progression into manic bipolarity. The energy of the music and the words of the songs that connect always inspire me to feel better in the moment than I did before I connected to the music.

        These days, I only listen to the music that speaks of the Age that we are in. Interesting there is such a plethora of music that fills that niche. I go through period where I listen to the same songs over and over to get all the meaning from them I can. And just as I’m finishing extracting all that I can from the spiritual melodic nourishment, another few songs come into my pscyhe to start listening to. It’s an evolving cycle of finding the music to properly warm the moment.

        Panic at the Disco’s lyrics have been really spinning the crazy in the most blessed of ways. And so I indulge listening to them. Bastille is another leader of speaking of the Divinings of the Universe.

        These are the songs that are regularly requesting my attention. I have many others that grace the list of the present moment divinings but these four are the dominant ones that speak loudly in the moment I find myself in.

        I also wish I was a gifted singer. I can carry a tune and always love the depth of expression I feel when I match that harmonies of the music with the melody of my soul and channel that connection into active expression of being (singing).


      13. Thank you for sharing! I will give them a listen. I am familiar with them but don’t really know their stuff. But based off what you’ve said, I know the song Pompeii by Bastille. And that song brings to mind Royal Blood and Imagine Dragons. I really like royal blood, actually!
        I get goosebumps when a song really hits home for me.


      14. Oh man! Bastille’s new album Doom Days is through the roof with metaphysical references to the ending of the world. I love Bastille’s Pompeii and nearly every song I listen to of his.

        Imagine Dragons is another band that really speaks to my soul. They were in the regular playback in my mind for quite some time. But I have passed onto a different set of songs and Imagine Dragons hasn’t had anything that is speaking loudly to me in the moment.

        Another Bastille song is that is fun to listen to when you’re in an Apocalyptic Frame of Mind is Doom Days

        This song is awesome because the video and the words align my thinking to consider the spiritual being that is behind the End Times and how he is watching her as the World falls apart. Oh god, I love this song.

        I’m going to listen to royal blood. I’m interested to see if I get goosebumps as well.


      15. “Veterans” by kidneythieves should resonate with you.
        And you’re a crack up. Royal blood are a band.
        Im usually apocalyptic since I am the angel of revelations! Haha! I’ll listen to doom days next


      16. I appreciate the line “I’m a veteran of the things I don’t want to be.”

        God what a powerful lesson. You are, in this moment, the accumulation of every trial and tribulation your life has brought before you, molded and shaped by every bit of fortune and favor that has been heaped upon your being. And as result of all of that, you are a veteran of life having put behind you everything you didn’t want to be.

        As the Angel of Revelations, how do you play into the Grand Scheme of Things. Are you responsible for deciding the timing of the Judgements and Revealings? Are you the energy source that propels the Age of Revelations forward.

        What does being an Angel of Revelation (and also Death) mean to you?


      17. oooh i like being asked questions!
        1. i am only a messenger. But half the time I don’t even know what message i am trying to send. I just know that I started my apocalypse last year. the revelation about revelations didn’t occur until halfway through annotating the book of revelations. I’ve actually got a snippet on a poem scheduled for 2 days away claiming to be the angel of the end times.
        2. i am not responsible for the timing. i thought i was, but i don’t think i am now. maybe i’m just one of the first? like a domino effect, i trigger and send forth.
        3. i just do the same shit i have always done, go along for the ride and see where it takes you. it’s just waiting for the right time to initiate. but i am a garbage strategist. it’s all guesswork and and improvisation.
        4. i don’t know if i propel or decide anything. i just do as i do, be as i am as i normally am, and people take whatever they take from our interactions? lol, i;m just thinking of my ebook the proto genus 22, its got shit like this in it. its just my first 22 blog posts where i introduce myself and whatever.
        5.it means that i am a revealer of truth, and folly. i try to take people through to where they need to go.


      18. Interesting, you seem to be in a similar boat to the one I find myself in that is steering the course of my progression through enlightenment.

        In the beginning, there was a lot of ego and thought that I was running the show. But as time progressed, I began to feel that rather than running the show, the show was running because of me. And so rather than a leader or a decider, I was rather the puppet that is pulled along to do her part. Her part that is absolutely necessary but not necessarily defined how it has to manifest.

        Revealer of TRUTH – I get behind this. We are living in a world of liars and the TRUTH is the only Sword we have to combat that Darkness.


      19. I don’t think you should feel a tool for linking me to your posts. We are just getting to know each other. What better way to show me the way through your being than to direct me to the proper words relating to the moment?

        Not toolish but rather guidance. A much better perspective. πŸ™‚


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