I’m chaos on fire, stolen breath

burning the cross with Chaos on it, on fire, the discord a hysterical farce. and I am reminded that’s why I am brought in. Not to be a wise sage or respectable teacher, but to be the the foil I always was, I am the comic relief.

This does not quell my soul at the moment. I am dumbfounded, and pissed. I played a prank on myself. What a fucker…

writing lists helps to place one in a mindset. list writing helps me remember stuff. for through talking it out, i learn it as you do. I have to hear it before it clicks. It has to be said aloud, pointed out. Otherwise I’m just as in the dark as you all are.


  • Manifest magic: my superb magician self, manipulate magic
  • Mortal muse: my life as inspiration
  • Maniacal messiah: mythic prophecy about me


  • I sign everything with a k. for that is my name, my sign, my sound. I will also accept q, and c.
  • K is the key to existence, the portal between worlds and realms.
  • K is the key, the legend, the engine, the initiator, the divisive line that forces your mind.

Along comes the co-patriot, the jeep, the fricative chariot steed. CHET. Ack, shit. Get ready for it.

What now, brown cow? The and ells.

  • You must choose! You must pick a side, for if you do not, it will be made for you. You will learn that your indecision is a decision. And you have chosen wrong.
  • Scheat, Pegasus, out from the spout of my neck did behead.
  • Quickly descend and catch the falling fallen, salve the fissure that is forming from growing.
  • Quick as a flash, as loud as a bang, the universe began.
  • But it keeps on growing. Don’t know where it’s going, but I knew where I’ve been.
  • Was that really all because of me?

Hold my head high, don’t look down. Close your eyes, you’re dead now. Don’t look at my body Persei, Carina’s keel will kneel. All will pay one day.

You already chose life, now choose to do something with it.

2 thoughts on “I’m chaos on fire, stolen breath

  1. “You already chose life, now do Something with it!” It’s such an intriguing mix of words. For the one being spoken to has already made a choice. And yet the second half of the sentences lets on that the choice they’ve made is not the right one. And then in my mind ‘Something’ is the generic name I use to refer to the Magical Mystery that is the Grand Divine and so unlocked in my mind with the second half of the sentence is the encouragement to look into the Grand Divine and find a way to make choices based on that.

    Such uplifting and encouraging advice!

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    1. Yeah! Indecision is the wrong choice, but if one were to choose to not choose, at least there is agency in that, that is the purposeful decision to abstain.
      Anyway, you got what I wanted to communicate. That whatever one chooses, go for it. Don’t just forget about it, otherwise it’s wasted and undoubtedly (as all things that are live and alive with life) will decay and fall away. Don’t be a backseat passenger, this life in the here and now is the best it has ever been, enjoy it while you can. Don’t save it for a rainy day, count your blessings everyday. And by count i mean the active verb, not some stupid (not even that great) titleship. 😎🧡🗝


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