On the road again

I’ve been down here before,
Trail was blazed long ago.
Left my self to find me again.

Hear my voice, it tells me

who I am and used to be.
Reclaim the ghost holy free.
Sund aughter sun 
My name rose me out of the sea.
Rise up withstand face the against
I found my shadow bright as day
Morning star to lead the way.
Left is not wrong, 
Write the rite, right my name
My name is light, who I am 
Lost my sense, synethesia
In my wake you paved with gold
Then said 
You said 
I paid the price of my soul
But you can’t even say my name
Refract glory for yourself
To warn the world before my fall
Roads you paved with my gold
Paid the price  home
I’ve been through these doors
I know these paths and gates are for 
Authorised personnel 
Only you would lock me out of …
… and thresholds…
My interface to improve the world

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