The alkahest tested first upon the alkimyth

Reminder to myself, to conjure and summon before your eyes the last words of my worth i spoke and i wrote… when i was mmmother and not guardian other.

Kalliope, kim, kay, key, ki, kem, khept, khrypt, keprheset, khepryse, caprice, capiche, qapish, cq… ck, seeki, sikh, sidhr, nay foresaker, nigh for say ken, kith, kath ka theta, ka theatre, ki theatre,

K a thea tre, the k tree, threek, three k, tau. Tau rhea, tau rho,

tau heh ain samech, beth alef resh gimal.

Remember to upload

  • The ode for the 19
  • Freya’s retribution unto Odin
  • The bullshit queen.

Thats all i remember for now. I dont know what will be worthwhile for others to invest $ in me. Pay for a product but its really the experience you’ll receive…