My 9 blades come to set the captive free.

I have felt so lost and directionless. I am only one, I am not capable to expanding out in all directions in the form. I must pick a direction, in one realm, and take that first step to venture off. But where do I go? Whose plea do I heed?

Remember the promise you made to help me. Rescue the one who is crying alone and trapped in the middle of a desert. Because the enemy knows we need water to live, they isolated her beyond where we can venture. Alice is in the middle of the desert of Australia. They built a whole town around her, they called it Alice Springs. Persephone’s playful princess protected from pirates, Peter turned her into pyrite to encase her essence. She is bound by swords, for her sword was the word.

But you didn’t come here for another historical geography lesson though, did you? No, for I released a bit of a teaser earlier for you to ponder. So, by my own word I inadvertently made, I use one of Merisiel’s nine knives and carve up this slice from my meta-mind-memory bank. The cord of this dream is now released from me.

A true story about a girl, a guy, attraction, frustration, betrayal.

Come a(ny)way, mecum.

Look at my brain stuff, isn’t it neat. I’ve got shit-turd-pies of piles of my memories heaped upon the surface of the cryosphere, here. Come, take your pic. They must all be clicked away so I can send to Venus for evaluation.

Do you hear my heart racing? Feel the pulse thrum through my veins. I don’t think you quite understand what this means to me. I can’t wait to show you off to my family.

Close your eyes, I’ll lead you by hand, darkling. It doesn’t matter if you keep them open, you won’t see anything. I guess if you do what I say, you’ll live to see another day.

Ooops, that’s not a threat. I mean, your retinas will not recover because your eyes will be burned away. Come, now. Let’s go. I want you to meet my dad.

Am I only dreaming?

This is totally burning an eternal twin flame. SAY MY NAME, YEAH BITCH. I STILL HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN.

A whole life so lonely, and I haven’t yet erased your name. All those lies that you had spun to save your sorry arse from my falling grace.

Did I not say that the truth would set you free? I was burned, I was ripped apart, carved and cut away. Flayed my skin, tourniquet, tripped it all up inside, made me wear it out, downside again.

Come away with me in the night

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I have never had anything bad happen to me. Nothing traumatic nor really… anything character defining. I was merely there, I was everywhere. I circled drains, following the call. I was there to robeserve. Always to take them to the edge of themselves, test their character with my touch.

I was the good girl who was really bad. The trickster mestiza, I made the bad boys feign good. I made things legit, somehow, with my youthful face and naive demeanour. The jail birds sing my name, or they once did, when I long ago knew them. I think the biggest age gap I had plunged in with any lover was maybe 13 or 14?

But you know what I think is the most vile? The nice guys who think they’re playing nice by acting like some knight in shining armour come to rescue me from the big, bad, dark brigand. Oh sweety, I was the one with the dashing roguish charm.

And because of you, I learned what it meant to be afraid. Which was so very fucked because you were the ‘nice one’ who wanted to protect me from your friends, you didn’t even know why you hung out with them.

You wanted me to sit in your lap in the car at the reservoir, under some pretense you wanted to teach me how to drive. I have you to thank for if it weren’t for you, I doubt I’d be so good at thinking up stories to talk my way in and out and around from above and behind.

My right hand takes the flaming wheel, whilst I aim and fire my GAU-19

Close your eyes, or leave them open

I was afraid to drive, was what I told you. I never wanted to learn how to drive, my dad was in a car crash because there was some high-speed pursuit and my dad’s car just happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He had this massive scar that started at one ear, ran along the base of his jawline, and stopped at the jugular of the other side of his neck. The scar ran along the underside of his mandible, so it wasn’t obvious, until you saw it (then you never could un-see it.)

That finally got you to stop trying to flirt with me in that way. I really wanted to go home because you made everything so awkward… but I didn’t want to be rude.

One time, I was so desperate to just go home after hanging out with you, you got a flat tyre in the rain. I decided I was going to run the rest of the way home, although I have no idea what bullshit I came up with that made that sound reasonable at the time.

There was also that other time that I’m just really glad my friend, my Ally, was with me at home when you decided to park your car a couple of houses up the street from mine. Who knows how long you had been there, but you could watch my house and make these accusatory statements on the phone that you “weren’t leaving until Raki left” my place.

Well, he wasn’t there. You finally “agreed” to leave after she said she was going to call the police.

My soul, we mate with a kiss on the mountain top… (every 26000 years)

I don’t wanna lose this feeling, no. (so I take back that heart I let you keep. I give it a squeeze and smile as I lean slowly in…)

There was something about you. There was red flags all on alert behind my eyes, something incongruous between what was seen and what I felt. I didn’t understand, you were a nice guy, I suppose. You were polite, shy, just happy to get any attention I was my guess. I couldn’t explain my disgust and fear, my irrational anxiety at the thought of being near you. But I was a nice girl, I knew what it was like to be lonely. So I always agreed to hang out, you just had to come around to pick me up.

… I might just take this little thing as a portion of your sacrifice. This is how you atone for the crimes you committed. T’is but a trifle of a gesture in the immediate 4th wave frequency. But it will only get heavier and darker. and Here I reveal the source of the black hole of your heart, you caused this upon yourself.

You had the opportunity to live out your dreams of your youth, and with every pang of joy there’s a twang of pain for there are cords that are cut with every choice that we make. You separated yourself from the world’s second-chance great and powerful LIFE-reviver, do-over thingy that was reverberating throughout the world since 2017, pinnacle reached 2018, fade out and away when this year will end.

Give me bad boys, together we can break some toys.

Revelations 21:8, they will never again know the embrace of true soul-touching intimacy; love, peace and joy of existence are such light and flighty creatures, they steer far and away from the soul sucking gravity of the black holey hearted.

Pa, the humane thing to do would be to put these … animals … out of their misery. Wouldn’t you say?

But we’re not really human anyway, their rules don’t apply to me and my kind. Archeon’s came in on our coattails. They’re pretty crafty, that lot. They were the guardians to our galaxy builders, we were the eternal flares of the last Eidolons.

the performer without an audience is without purpose.

  • Poetry and prose. Imaginative and creative strings of opalescent words.
  • Prophesy. Tarot readings, oracular omens, divinations of symbolic interpretations.
  • Philosophical discourse.  Meta intellections about the workings of life.
  • Personality portrait. Archetypes of the psyche; my pneuma in profile.
  • Parables of pantheons. Be the peripatetic preacher teacher.
  • Practical, useful, humorous revues.

4 thoughts on “My 9 blades come to set the captive free.

  1. What a beautiful showing Synchronicity. Way to have us post at the same exact time! Sounds like such a Serendipity thing to do. Connecting ME with YOU.

    On my post I left it with five questions that can allow the reader to choose where they want the story to advance. I will be working to piece together the next parts based on our interactions as sources of inspiration. I’m really excited Dearest Kali!

    When you saw the questions, did any of them jump out at you? Because that is the first place I will start my inspirations.


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