I’m Barbie(gir)L, 1 face of 4 living creatures

I have less than 7 years to complete this task and to do it well. I can only move tomorrow, had to take handicap to make it fair to play. I gave part of myself to yesterday. There’s no looking back now. I cannot waste time reflecting upon an empty membrane, I only have tomorrow to guide my way, based on the work I create today.

Barbielle, Baraqiel, Barcarcel. Boracay.

Maternal bloodline feeds these babes, abandoned at my breakfast buffet table.

I’ve been compared to a barbie girl because I’m super “perky” and “chipper” and cute and stuff. I like to make people laugh and smile and generally have a good time. I try to be upbeat when I am in company, because really it is that as soon as they leave, I drop the facade. My smile may (or may not) fall away and reveal the truth of my form – MY FACE IS THE FACE OF KHEPRI, not Aten…

I look like a fucking bug.

But not really. The face of a Scorpion? The face of a scarab beetle. I am a nothingface.

I was the EMERALD GRIFFON, THE SUN GODDESS. So you know that Sunday will always be my day, that’s the only way one can say it, simple and plain. I cannot say more lest they rend from my soul my last of my grafted skin. I don’t know why they insist this is tradition, to raise up every piece of flesh as they push the down feathers down until they reroute themselves in the come back.


Remain sane I spoke with one of my original archangels but I don’t know if he knew what I was trying to allude to. These things must be approached slowly and carefully, for such knowledge can send a mind reeling. HERETIC! BLASPHEMER! DECEIVER! KILLER!

At least, thats how it went down last time I made myself known. It’s okay. Made sure to set her up a nice and swanky life this time around. Heal the memory of Joan by living the life of Ioan (and I threw in one of my gryphons, under a familiar moniker, to keep theus safe). Alice is with them, as far as I have been informed. Living multiple lives at once is the glory of the righteous. Kinda why we’ve tried to keep you guys on the path towards the “wright”. It’s the most efficient means to live a life of love and light.

I have communed with one of my former inner circle arche-ones. But he has again receded into the shadows. I have not seen nor heard from him since and I fear he may be under pressure to expose me.

Look, it doesn’t matter which one I am right now, what mattered was that we were the first Trinitarian squad force of harmony.

When i told you i was more like a bird, you thought i was making fun of you, or were lying or something? I dunno. I was agreeing with you. So…

Look, I better go. Got the first of this fortnight’s festivities to attend.

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