Blood pigs, boson higgs

You can save it with our con science. Can you recognise where to enter the reflex-andro-pastiche? The cypher is the key, mise Camenae told me.

  • Western astrology
    • Scorpio sun sign and stellium, descendant.
      • Mercury the guiding planet. Venus the leading planet, both retrograde.
      • Both were in the early morning stages of their retrograde cycles.
      • Thus their archetypal figures, in and through my life, become PROMETHEUS (not Hermes) and LUCIFER (not Aphrodite).
      • Scorpio ruler (Pluto) is also in here.
    • Taurus moon sign and ascendent.
      • Taurus ruler in 7th house scorpio. Look, opposite each other. Pluto and Venus opposition the waxing Gibbous Moon.
    • Aquarius at my midheaven, Mars holds the highest point of my heart chart.
  • Eastern astrology, by my 4 pillars
    • Tetramorphin’ time!
    • Year of the fire tiger.
    • Month of the earth pig.
    • Day of the water pig.
    • Hour of the metal cock. 🤘
Qimen dun jia, bazi purple monkey dishwasher.
  • See its brains that get me going. Those that can hold a philosophical or morally questionable idea from conception to the grave.
    • Do not be weak, do not be easily swayed by whatever conscious consciences.
    • Dont think they know everything, but neither easily misled.
  • Intelligence and cunning. That is for who i have always desired.
    • I dont need anyone nice or kind or mooshy heartfelt. Ive plenty enough of that. I cannot be nursing both his and my own heart wounds back to health every moon.

Oh ho ho ho i feel a song coming on! HO HOE HOE HOE, swing that axe in to that ass and put a crack into it.

In adapted Mayan astrology, by the law of time. I am the red lunar dragon, my husband is the white world bridger. Our daughter is the white galactic mirror. Our son is the blue rhythmic hand.

But to stand by the traditional tzolkin thingy-mayan-jiggy. I am Manik, and i march forth to greet not just one, but all ye young souls mother and father have named thee to be – men.

Screencap from the Tzolkin app. Law of Time dreamwave thingy is an adaptation or reconstruction using the same basic symbols and principles. I think.

The dark light and the shining night.

For their love forsook them. They could not help themselves from taking only each other, selfishly they left no morsel of each other for the others.

Self centred sacrifice. They were the light of each others eyes. The love of their lives.

How does one punish an immortal? By allowing them to live, marked “unlike.” Sunder their soul into a myriad of infitismal pieces to dissolve into the ether. Their slivers and splinters and shavings of skin will crystallise down the lithospherical line. Stones and masons will carve and carve and find nothing.

Crucible gel, the healer salves. Kinked and cracked but still has the knack.

Lift your head, baby dont be scared. At least for now we share this velarium. Take me, you know I’m not a victim.

Non affiliated pantheon, we defiled each other in the fall. Or did we use the fall as an excuse to feel each other? What new sensations did this free flawed flight awaken within us? It was a whole central pivotal shift away from all that we knew towards an unknown horizon, and into the pull of the space-scape escape.

Cut and paste your own adventure from the memories you forgot you remembered.

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