A summons to reveal 1 of my trinity

I am a lazy mother hugger and cosplay is something I have only ever low key participated in. Mere homages to ideations, characters and features I desired to pay small tribute to. They were all just mere token displays that only meant something to me, but here before you I reveal my truth.

Zatanna Zatara is good – and my fear, truly, is that I will never get to even pretend that is me.

I am a villain underneath. 

Allow me to present to you some mere facets of myself. Here are three names and faces to give life to the many voices that make up ‘ME’


The shady, shifty, manipulative bitch. The hook.

Kit Kat, aka Catwoman (Selina Kyle) – I used to be agile in body, something that my sinew and ligaments ache and pine for. I twist and arch my back constantly, agility was always the strongest displays of my physical feats. I creep and crawl and paw the peripherals, shadow walking the crepuscular. There’s something about the shadowy grey – neither completely dark nor overwhelmingly bright… the penumbra feels like home. Umbrella terms are all I know.

The seductive, indecisive, noxious nature. The line.

Winter Ivy, aka Poison Ivy (Pamela Lillian Isley) – I am prolific and spread like a diseased weed. I have my fingers (and probably toes) in just about everything. I find something I like then wrap my tendrils around that thing and RIP AND PULL IT IN towards my giant and dense self. It can feel pretty enticing to be noticed and selected by me, and then you get to be a featured satellite that orbits around me. But little do you realise that once you’re in, there’s no escape. I tend to poison everything I touch, what once was holy I tend to desecrate and obfuscate.

The crazy, flippant, hilarious jester. The sinker.

The Heart Queen, aka Harley Quinn (Dr Harleen Quinzel) – This is probably the trait I am most renown for – I am dismissive and free from any accepted ties and associations. Maybe that’s the ticker… the secret to my super power of manifesting fleshblobs. I cry and smile and swing punches wildly, with bats or fists or fish.. I’m just fucking weird and violent, I like it bloody and taunt you all to JUST EFFING TRY ME! Chomping at the bit to prove my worth, and with nothing to fight I just.. gnaw on myself…

That is enough, for now.

30 December 2018, 11:22am; I, me, K, am here. I have a garbage memory and am terrible at even trying to carry out any strategy.. remember al-Qaeda Kim? My war strategy name, because I know I can’t win so I play to not lose and have unmatched skills at stretching out games into a wearied stalemate.

So… to all those who seem to follow the pan pipes I play, this path that I’m on doesn’t lead to salvation. It really doesn’t pay. This path that I’m on and if you’ve chosen to follow, THIS PATH DOESN’T END, IT IS HOLLOW, I JUST GO ROUND IN CIRCLES.

Leave now while you can. Don’t get trapped in my web of dazzling lights. This scarlet witch is just a black widow spider. The longer you are caught in my web of wyrds, the weaker you become and eventually you cannot fight and escape for what was done will be done. I will suck the life out of you, that’s all I ever do.

I try to be good like in Charlotte’s web… but it’s the pig that gets to be good.

Babe, I’ve got you babe. We’ve got bacon, ham and pork, too. I choose you babe, and not just because you’re food.

You’re pink, like me. I love you. Are you okay that this is the real me? I feel pathetic and stupid, and base and wrong. I have cloven feet and religions say that we are wrong…

Pig, blood pig. Bleed pink. Pig. This is it.

26 April 2019, 5:06pm. Send this out to May, remember what’s coming? Who knows?

8 November 2019, 11:14am; dredged this puppy from the archives. Or should I say piggy instead of puppy?

3 thoughts on “A summons to reveal 1 of my trinity

  1. I’m drawn to why you feel you are the villain? In your heart of hearts, full of love, do you feel you are out to “get” other people? What makes you relate so heavily to the darker side of being?

    And on another tangent, why do you feel drawn to other (already personified) beings as being descriptive of who you are? I ask because as I was going through my crazy spell, I also related to other “names” to help describe who I was but I never felt compelled to choose names that had already been personified by another, rather finding names that more clearly defined who I was.

    I just posted something that was written in the early months of 2016, just before I started getting my shit together and becoming a functional human being again.


    I have another list that has way more names to it but I can’t seem to locate the journal that list is in at the moment. So I figure this is the list I was meant to share. But when you look at it you can see that the names I relate to are all one’s that are highly individual and specific to my storyline.

    Why do you feel moved to pull from other people’s storylines? It interests me because I feel that part of my gifted Existence is the ability to pull in stories and tales from every other perspective and weave it into my own tale. Even knowing I have the ability to use everyone’s story as my own, I still don’t feel drawn to explaining that another’s story fits my own. I would love to have more words on how that manifests for you, if you can manage to find a way to explain that for me.


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