Revelation 10/22-20

So here I am. Agonising over my words, my choices, my message, my motivation, my reception… it is two fold. For it is not only the doing of a thing, it is also how it is perceived.

I am at the doorway of fear and it pains me to be here. What am I so scared of? What I do not know. Where every choice is a poor one. It doesn’t matter what one does or chooses, I remember now. I am and always was the loser.

Cast far away, I know the things they say about me. Turn away, I’m not real if no one sees me. 

I’ve been so alone for so long. I forgot I made this world, like you forgot I lost myself.

I am waiting and hoping and praying that I won’t have to keep waiting for very long. But what more is a lifetime when you’ve seen every dawn.

  • Revelation 22:20 – will return if you call their name.
  • Revelation 10:2 – tempe, mikael, guardian angel of the second septenary.

Can’t get started, this alchemical heart. The hollow vessel is breaking apart. They came back to reassure me. My heart swells and feels tight within its cage.

You never stay long, or is it me that can’t hold on? But thank you. You remind me of who I really am, but I don’t remember my role in the plan.

I am the bridge, the middle path, between the 6th and 9th worlds. My names are returning to me…

Mercury, remind me share my anthropomorphic metaphors… bat kol, the angel of death, goddess of love, queen of the underworld, lady of luck, gatekeeper of secrets, the skeleton key. Kitsune, Malakim, Persephone, sun goddess, battle angel, the real final fantasy.

Azrael came to me last night. Within one hand was held a golden apple. Another hand pointed to my path between the worlds below.

Oh silent night, the stars are slowly dying. He is the king but the queen is on the earth. I am reminded of my directive. Dumah.

Revelation Annotations – the ebook.

The angel of revelations here with your regularly scheduled update on the end.

Jesus is coming? He’s not the only one.

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7 thoughts on “Revelation 10/22-20

  1. I have had the feelings that in Revelations times there will be many oracles receiving many messages regarding the End Times happenings. My belief is that it is important to sow confusion amongst those not willing to chose for themselves. There will be so much TRUTH and FICTION to take in, that the only way forward will be through themselves and their own attachment to the Grand Omnipotent Divine, thus creating more oracles and more words to confuse the masses.

    It such an exciting time! I’m so glad to see you out of quiet mode and back into baring yourself for the world! Much love and joy to you my friend on the other side of the world. I’m thinking of you and looking to share words in your direction.


    1. Annie!! (Hugs) I’m so very sorry for your loss, but what an amazingly full life he must have lead. And thats my daughter’s hair, not mine. Anyway, if there’s anything I can do to lift your spirit or skirt just a bit, or the corners of lips, let me know (elaborate high five and cartwheel combination secret handshake)


      1. Thanks. I’m OK now, I just have the occasional wobble when I think of him. I do find it difficult to write, though. To lift my spirit, just keep writing. It’s nice to know you are still out there – and out there.

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