The Matthew 7:7 door brought me here.

A quick overview of recurrent themes, symbols and motifs in my recent studies and writing.

You know, since doors and gates and paths get all entangled, it helps to have some signs or reminders so we can trace our steps.

  • retrograde rebels of my natal chart
    1. Chiron retrograde in gemini
    2. mercury retrograde, ruler of Gemini, in the 7th house of natal chart.
      • (stage in retrograde cycle: Prometheus retrograde)
    3. venus retrograde, the ruler & the lead planet in my natal chart.
      • (stage in retrograde cycle: morning star/ Lucifer retrograde)
  • emerald princess –> emerald griffon –> the emerald city of oz –> emerald tablet –> hermes (apparently) hermes trismegistus.
Khambalia – Penetrator of secrets.

The answers to all that one seeks to find are all around us. Whatever knowledge we wish to absorb and learn is but there, all is just as it is, merely waiting for you to see it, believe it, and heed it.

If you feel that you are unsatisfied with your search for truth, I counter that perhaps the fault may lay with your line of inquiry and your approach.

In layman’s terms, if you’re dissatisfied with the answers you are receiving, then you’re just not asking the right questions.

Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7


The wheel of the praxis goes up and down. – sampo.

This is a gated community. Leave your sense of linearity at the door, before entering.

ASK – Ask, seek, knock.

You can’t receive something that you haven’t invited or requested. firstly because people can’t give you what you want if you haven’t explained it to them. secondly, you get out whatever you put in to something. the world reciprocates your energy, and moulds itself around you. with or without your participation, you’ll get whatever you get. the path of least resistance, right?

Seek. Find.

if you are searching for something, you will always find that which you are seeking. i’m not refering to a set of car keys or that phone number you wrote on a scrap of paper. i’m talking in more broader strokes, interpersonal, metaphysical, or quest for truth/proof sort of stuff.

  • if you are looking for faults, you will find them.
  • if you are looking for suspicious or convenient connections, you will uncover them.
  • if you are looking for excuses, you’ll find those too.
  • if you’re looking for meaning, that’s a bit trickier but don’t worry, the short answer is you’ll definitely find it. however, just be aware that meanings are completely arbitrary and it is ultimately up to you to define and decide upon the validity and the value of whatever particular meanings you have insofar as discovered.

if you know what you are looking for, it’d be super unlikely you’d even see any alternative or contrary viewpoint that may cross your path. people can have such tunnel vision when it comes to finding that one perspective or experience that fits their decided expectations.

whatever you wish you know? you will find the answers are all around you – both right and wrong ones. for every answer is both right and wrong – a right answer to the right question, and a wrong answer to a different one.

Knock. Open.

knock, and the door will be opened. you cannot expect to just stand at the door and whine that it is closed, nor should you break and enter a doorway that has been closed to you.
the polite, respectful and responsible thing to do is to knock and wait.
firstly, consent. these are invisible boundaries that weave through people’s inner selves and lives. there must be consent on both sides. for not every door do we want to enter, and not every knock we want to answer…

Open wide, come inside.

be open to the world around you – open your perceptions to the endless possibilities of potentials and probabilities of existence. awareness of the physical and psychosocial energies that permeate the perceivable planes of experience is cool and all, but it’s not a requirement of you.
life is just a whole heap of everything happening all at once, and we, as such basic creatures, can only process whatever we perceive. an incredibly subjective (and relatively unconscious) process, but most people would still consider their perspective as representative of some recognised and universal proof of truth.

when you widen your scope of reference (acknowledging that your “actual reality” is just a version of your “accepted reality”), you become more receptive to the world around you. this will mark the beginning of your awakening to the secrets of divinity, consequently activating your very own personal apocalypse. I dare not share more for i am reminded to heed my directive: to keep silent.

i must remind myself that in this incarnation, my role is tutelary and no longer in heraldry. personal power is attained through personal autonomy. i do a disservice and embarrass myself by incessantly rambling on without a clear purpose to my waffle; just talking to remind and prompt and distract and instruct and comfort and ruminate and entertain and question and… i don’t need to run my mouth like i run my mind. the speed of thought far surpasses the speed of sound, the feeble floundering for words in the wake of my brainwaves ultimately devalues anything i may have to say… think of supply versus demand.

but still i must speak. for through articulation and the formalisation of my thoughts into words, i find personal validation and clarity.

oh chiron and mercury, i shake my fists at your general direction, for retrograde are your directions! The maverick and the trickster. Mother fuckers.

Did you forget that Mercury was in retrograde? Well, probably, he does that a lot… but dude, Mercury was in the Prometheus

screwing around my communication.
but let’s not forget the leading planet and chart ruler, venus, who is also retrograde. did you know she’s in the morning star phase of her retrograde cycle? yup.

oh, i think my “alignment” and loyalties are as clear as snape’s. i know it looks bad, but trust me. if you can. if you want.

OMG SHUT UP, ME. let it go, the cold never bothered me anyway.

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