In case you missed that thing that I sent you…

Peter, the Rock upon which the church was built. Yahweh WWE.
Communication/communion dilemma.
Gathering magic from suspicious sources, so as long as it produces results no one cares.
Numerology of my birthday, the lo shu grid squares the circle of my life.
An idea must descend through the various faculties to be translated and expressed, AND THEN it has to also be received and interpreted.

When we communicate, we use more than just words. There is also tone, register, tense, figurative language, body language, intonation, emphasis, speed , vibes, grammar, etc whatever.

  • The general idea/shape that thought takes, and what you want to express.
    • The specific words you speak aloud.
      • The pronunciation, familiarity with word meaning,
    • There’s what you meant in your heart, the truest essence you wanted to express.
    • And theres the corruption of that idea as it is spoken into being, the expression generally always lacking something, there was something that didnt get conveyed or put across enough…
  • The message is out there but is it going to be understood in the way that you intended?
    • (Sue, I got a set of keys yesterday!)
    • That is left publically for anyone to read, but will they necessarily know to what I’m referring?
  • We perceive the world with only our senses, with little to no training in perceiving nor sense making.
Harvey Birdman gets his superpowers from the sun. Ooogy boogy, the day of our Judgement comes.
A thingy I drew/doodled last year trying OMG TRYING to figure out how to express my fucking issue with words. I try to communicate whatever is asked from me, but i always seem to be manipulating the system.

I thought I’d share this here, to further express my Chiron soul wound, Gemini in second house. My inability to communicate in a clear and explicit manner drains my sense of self worth, value and security.

I just want to talk shit because its fun, or explore ideas, philophise, conceptualize, sing, speak, wordsmith… because its interesting. The tight grip people have upon language… as if the sonar sound or the scribbled sign arent just arbitrary symbols we have used to refer to the actual noun/thing…

Fuck it, its just words. Words words words. The word of god is my words of and for myself. One day I may even write it and tell it like it was meant to be known.

But everyone gets so hung up on the names we attribute to our selves and essences. And then when our intention isnt seen, trying to “backpedal” to explain is seen as further deceit.

Words fail because they are not deeds, unless they are written down, and forever misread because only the misfigured words remain… not the song that was stifled and cried inside my heart.

Chiron retrograde, Mercury as Prometheus retrograde and Venus as Lucifer morningstar retrograde.

I’ve been kinda writing some poetry again. Sort of. You may see I’ve recently posted to Instagram again. And i also posted to my kitsune records.

Sailor mercury is saint mikael. Gunna chop shuey some souls and shit. ENFP genkii anime girl dead inside and feeling alive in my chaos cave of nonsense. This is fun, but i lament I’ll never be taken seriously if I continue.

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