Tarot reading – New moon in Aries

  • Spread: new moon in aries, by biddy tarot.
  • Deck used: the antique anatomy deck, by claire goodchild.
  • Cards drawn: 24 March 2020 evening (hours before new moon)
  • Interpretation written: 25 March 2020 morning (hours after new moon) – I just woke up.

I’ve been using the antique anatomy deck lately. 

  • We are in the midst of the corona virus pandemic.
  • I am situated in the PDHPE (physical development, health, and physical education) faculty until the end of the term.
  • I am a teacher. I am employed as a substitute instead of on a contract. I enjoy the flexibility of my role, but not the uncertainty of hours.
  • I have been fortunate enough to have had work nearly every day, so far this year.
  • I teach at one high school. I’m also a tutor at two institutions.
    • I tutor primary and teach secondary students.
    • I tutor in humanities: English reading, general ability, and writing.
  • I have been in the education industry for 5 years. I’ve worked in my current school since 2016.
  • I’ve been contracted in various teaching faculties, but have chosen to work as a substitute since the end of 2018.
    • (Special education. Support teacher, 2015.)
    • English.
    • Teaching and learning. Support.
    • Industrial Arts (technological and applied studies) – technology mandatory (includes home ec. areas of food and textiles), engineering, timber, and metal.
  • I work at the high school of Saint Clair. My only claim to having any clair- abilities, is grounded and realised wherever I am in my immediate reality.
    • My frustration, melancholy and bouts of self-destructive rage manifest from the very fact that i am too honest, truthful, and real.
    • I may use fantastic imagery or words, and at times call out to particular individuals within my circle; my lexical choices highlight the fantasy of the spiritual.
    • However like any other school of thought, the use of particular keys will unlock and reveal very specific meanings and imagery.
    • What I am conflicted and concerned about? What do my words reveal?
      • They reveal the very true essence of my very real identity.
      • Follow the clues and you will find me. Not in the astral aether, but here in the mundane. Australia.
    • This is what got me fucked over last time. I was doxxed and shamed xmas 2018. Because I was too proud.
      • My husband was the one to suffer. My online identity, writing, activities were used not against me – but against him.
      • The perpetrator manipulated what i had written/made/revealed, and distributed throughout my husband’s place of employment.
      • Out of context, without explanation, without warning. Our words/images/deeds can take on any meaning.
        • Truth? I cannot lie, the proof is revealed before you, it cannot be denied.
        • Its existence is not what is under question. The query lies with what, how and why.
        • Y? Upside down lambda.
      • Shit what was i saying? Oh yeah. This is my reality. This is my life. I only want to speak the truth about the light inside, and how I found mine.
      • But that is so very grounded in what is very fucking physically real.
      • I lament ever beginning this path in the first place. But i must follow through to the end if I ever hope to transcend my escape.

Well boys and girls, its 7:51am and I must get going to work. Sorry i didn’t interpret the cards for you.

No time for love, Dr Jones.

Bhrigu bindu, point activation.

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