The only Perfect Sense is hindsight

You can have a squizz at my 2018 playlist here. I like to hit shuffle and see what the day brings me.

That’s how “my guides” “speak” to me. Through music and words that are literally heard (or seen, like reading words on a screen).

From barely legal 18 to judgement dreadful 20. If only we knew then what we know now, would we do any different than those who came before us?

20/20. The year of perfect vision. Retrospectively, not retroactive.

People want to go on about the fucking film Contagion? LOL! Doesnt anyone remember the 1995 film Outbreak? Oh please.

I’ve got some films for you to ponder. If you are interested in things much more insidious than boring, obvious “cough cough, i am sick and dying, splutter & bleeding” movies.

  • Pontypool. 2008. The english language is infected with a deadly virus.
  • Perfect sense. 2011. What is there to hold on to as humanity eventually loses each of their senses?

Perfect sense. 2011.

I’ve written about pontypool before (back in january 2019, it is backed up on a different blog. I may or may not publish it here later… eeh) MOVING ON, NOW.

Film from 2011. Perfect sense. About a relationship between an epidemiologist and a chef in the midst of a pandemic that causes its victims to lose their senses one by one.

The first sense to go is the sense of smell, then taste, then hearing, then sight…

Whats left to do when all that exists is you? No sense makes nonsense, know sense to sense unknown.

One thought on “The only Perfect Sense is hindsight

  1. “The english language is infected with a deadly virus.” Interesting, will have to check it out. Reminds me of Burroughs whole thing about language as virus or word as virus; both acting on the principle of replication. The only cure of course being SILENCE

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