Metaphors are vessels, carriers of meaning

Now I am talking about metaphors, metaphorically. LOL or rather I mean FIGURATIVELY. It is not a literal, physical container, but instead metaphors are symbolic vessels which carry meaning.

Metaphors REPRESENT concepts, or ideas, or feelings, or something! It is the captured essence that is communicated by the expression, with the intention of it to be recognised and interpreted by the viewer/reader/receiver.

All communication is symbolic, for in our attempt to express ourselves, we have developed language as a means of information transference between individuals.

For example, the word “chair” is not the actual chair, but is a verbal/spoken vibration that we understand to represent “chair”, just as writing the word “chair” isn’t the actual chair either, and neither is it the chair that was spoken.

Through our vocabulary we are able to read and comprehend words, thus the wider the vocabulary, the greater the ability to construct and derive meaning from.

Recognise that words represent the referent. They do not resemble the frequency of light nor sound to which we scratch, scribble and ascribe when we describe.

1st November 2019, 10:45pm

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