Prepping since 2018

MMMother and #COK calling the shots, archives since late 2018.

I have decided (although I’m still to write it) to republish the goods. Shit that I made back in 2018. You’re all just catching up to my gamma waves.

Stand back (but not too far) as I bring back my #COK.

Raise your heads, your eyes, and salute my ensign as it flaps about, waving in the wind.

Bright eyes and bushy tails. Chaos beckons, let’s raze hell!

3 thoughts on “Prepping since 2018

  1. Kittens? I’m allergic to them. Dogs. Yes. Dongs … err, dogs … pack the dogs. A Wiener for wieners, a sheepdog for mutton, a … wait … where did I go wrong?


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