The old “I got your nose!” trick

It makes perfect sense. Doesn’t it? You have to let something go to take on something new. Cutting cords from that which does not serve you.

Sniffing for snuff

And it won’t be the only thing I’ll be taking…

You better believe it. I do have your nose. I have all the noses that those nosy gnostics came here sniffing about. God only nose how many faces I deformed, cutting their noses when they were sticky beaks, before they finally took the hint to keep their nose out of other’s business.

Perfect Sense (2011) trailer

The 2011 film, Perfect Sense, is a about a budding romance in the midst of a global pandemic, the disease of which robs people of their senses… And the first sense to go is the sense of smell.


Anosmia – the loss of sense of smell. Apparently it’s a symptom of COVID-19, unofficially. Even though near 70% of confirmed cases have described experiencing it as a symptom.

For nearly 2 weeks, people in the US and UK have been saying it should be on the official symptom list. But maybe, what if, the shutting down of the olfactory is just a precursor they shut down the economy?

What if there is more to come? Will the factory ever re-open, son? Is recovery in the cards? You win some, and lose some. You get some to gain some. Your nerves need some time for recovery.

Can you smell that? It might be gaslighting… Or perceptor-inhibitors, numb your senses, an easy way to control the masses. Distraction attraction, mesmerise your sight as they strip away your mind…

Good thing I’ve got your nose. See all the things I do for ya?

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